Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gifts of Love

Is it fair to pick out your own Mother's Day gift? Only if you want to get what you want.
Last year I told my mom what I wanted. She asked. I told her I wanted a necklace with the kids names on it. She got me this delicate necklace with a mother and son on it. What happened to the rest of my kids? I hate it. It's too dainty. Not me, who is big. It belongs on someone Else's neck. I put it back in it's box and haven't taken it out since. I'm saving it for a special occasion. A very special occasion.

This year when I was asked I was asked by Kadie. What do you want for Mother's Day. Again I replied,"I want a necklace with all of your names on it." Something I can wear daily that's not gaudy. This is what I received:

I absolutely love it! It is exactly me. Except I'm allergic to silver and can only wear it for so long or I look like I have poison ivy on my neck. I had to go buy silver earrings to wear with it and now my ears itch like crazy. LIKE CRAZY MAN!!!!!!!
She ordered this from Hip Mom Jewelry. She said she looked for a long time and couldn't find anyone who did them in gold. So we'll keep looking for one in gold and in the mean time I'll slather Cortaid all over my neck and my ears. I have to tell you how wonderful daughters. Especially older daughters. Kadie knew I'd hate the necklace my mom got me. She even tried to talk her out of it. Little does she know that I'll pass it on to her when she has a son. Hee hee She then can pass it on to her sisters when they have sons, if she wants. Kadie made sure that I would get a necklace that I would wear. As a young woman she knows what she will wear and won't so she knew that it would be useless to get anything else. Now I have to step up to the plate and not buy her anymore clothing that I want her to wear, not what she will wear. Darn. Coogi bathing suits are expensive. So is Coach.

I thought I'd leave y'all with a beautiful picture of me, wearing my necklace. Aren't I stunning? I posed nicely for the camera and everything. I also had a few cocktails in me. It was a great night:)
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Mama Goose said...

Stella!!!!!!! (That is Stella isn't it?)

What a wonderful kid(s) you've got.

carsick said...

You know I love Stella!!!!!!!!!
I think I like to yell Stella!!!!! just as much as drinking it. Its just fun.
My kids are awesome. Today.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

I LOVE you necklace!!!
What a wonderful gift-and a wonderful daughter for getting it for you!

I told Ricardo Puhleeze no gifts this year. Thank goodness I put that mandate in place....he was going to get me a float for the pool. Again. Would have been 3 years in a row. Sweet Baby Jesus!I don't think I could take it! LOL!

I am Barking Mad said...

I LOVE IT! What a great gift.

And now I want one!

Oh, and a Stella too!

NaveenAli said...
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Sohana Malik said...
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