Monday, May 10, 2010

It's that time again

Soccer season has begun, no more laughing no more fun........... Remember the Quakers Meeting thing? Mimi plays on two soccer teams. One is an all girls and the other is a co ed. She has practice two nights a week plus two games on Saturdays. So our Saturday mornings are spent at the field. Her first game is at 8:30 and the second is at 10:30. Each game lasts an hour. So we have a hour in between for her to catch her breath. Usually we go to the park which is right beside the field.
This is where the monkeys spend most of their time. Dane loves this park and fortunately for me Chrissy loves to run after Dane in this park. Someone has to watch Mimi play soccer. Though lately I have been very paranoid. We recently watched The Lovely Bones and my lovely over active imagination has been in overdrive. Everyone is a monster. So even though Chrissy and I both have a cell phone on us I still spend my time running back and forth between the field and the park. I'm a nervous wreck. Thank goodness soccer only lasts 7 weeks and we are in our third now. My heart and brain couldn't take it. Chrissy has never given me any doubt about her abilities of being able to watch her little brother. She never loses sight of him and is very responsible. I know she would die to protect him. She wired that way. She also thinks she's tough. The problem is she's just a little thing. Her 9 year old sister is two inches taller than she is. We know this is her year to grow. We hope. It wouldn't take much for some monster to grab her. So you know how my brain works, I'm always paranoid.
Mimi, during all of my running around is playing soccer. She's the one who SHOULD BE running around. Instead as she sits here on the ball looking like she doesn't have a care in the world, her coach is calmly telling her what he wants her to do. I just love her coach. He is awesome. He really explains what is going on and the kids are always learning something new.
When Mimi's last game is over my cousin's son plays. He's four. So we can't leave just yet, have you ever watched four year old play soccer? No, well you should it the best entertainment you can get.
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Mama Goose said...

What a great shot of the three of them! Beauties, one and all!!

carsick said...

I didn't even take that picture. I don't know who did. When I emptied my camera card it was there.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

I haven't seen the lovely bones yet. I'm sure it will just about do me in. Wish I had a stressfree solution for ya.

P.S. Beautiful pics of the kiddos!!!