Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just So You'll Know

TeaBagged!1. To slap ones balls on another's forehead. 2. To wave ones balls on or near another's head, esp. as a victory ritual in online games


I am Barking Mad said...

I'm not sure where I'd be without this information...and I love the graffic that came with it! Hahahaha!

Seriously though, I knew what it meant beforehand, and it's just one of the reasons I no longer "crush" on Anderson Cooper. He HAD to know what he was saying, and what it meant, when he made the remarks he did!

Audrey at Barking Mad

FishermansDaughter said...

Also the fine art of dipping ones bawlz in and out of someone's mouth - as opposed to "bawl walking" which is to tuck one's twig up, take bawls out through the fly and leave them hanging free for all to see.

SUCH a font of info.