Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One afternoon last week we found this dog on our porch. Trapper was trying to eat him, he didn't seem to mind he just kept putting his head and body in Trapper's mouth and wiggling around. I had to do a very quick intervention.
Since he had a collar on that had John Deere written all over it and no tags we called him JD for something to call him. The girls instantly wanted to keep him. He was very friendly and recently groomed so I knew someone was missing him. He little feet weren't all muddy and his paw pads were not split so I knew he hadn't traveled far. So I stuck him on a leash and walked around neighboring streets to see if his home was that close by. No such luck. Everyone had seen him running around in the past hour but no one knew who he belonged to. Why didn't any of these people try to help find his owner when they saw him running in the road? Jeez. So now I load up the kids in the van and chuck JD in and off we go. He immediately jumps on my lap and hangs out the window. Now I really know someone is missing this little guy. I was starting to secretly wish we wouldn't find his owner and we could keep him.

In order to get to our house you have to go over a bridge. I didn't think JD would cross this brindge on his own. Trapper won't, he swims across instead. Just to annoy me. But I drove across anyway and knocked on a few doors just in case. No luck in this direction either.
So I drove back across the bridge and headed up to Berta's house. You remember Berta!? My moms Hospice nurse. She lives up the street from me. And she LOVES dogs. I no sooner pull in the driveway and she comes out of the house saying,"What do we have here?" Darn I was hoping she knew. She didn't know who he belonged to either and I could see if I didn't find his owner I would have a real fight on my hands to keep him. Then one of our finest drove by and I flagged his non hard working ass down and asked if anyone had reported a lost dog. He said no and said he'd call animal control my way. I let him know that the ACD (animal control dude) and I go way back and he knows where I live. The non hard working finest said he knew where I lived too. hmmmnnnnn I wonder what he meant by that.
Anyway, we went up the road another mile and still no one who JD belonged to, so we came home. We spent two hours of our time that was enough. We took turns sitting on the steps holding JD until ACD came to get him. That was another hour and a half. Marian was convinced we could keep him. It was my turn to hold his leash and get bit by black flies when ACD pulled up in his old beat up truck, his wife sitting right next to him. He always makes me smile. He popped out of the truck and said,"I know who's dog this is, I chased him through fields for hours one night." He may or may not have said something vile under his breath. He told me where he lived so in the future if I found him I could run him home. He lives about three miles up the road from us so little JD really did some traveling.
Believe or not this kind of thing happens to us quite frequently. We are always finding dogs, cats and even horses in our yard and it always takes forever to find out where they belong. How do you not know your horse is gone? Dave said it's because I'll do anything to get out of cleaning the house or making dinner. I think he may be right.

ps. wish me luck tomorrow I'm going to work with Dave and we are driving through the mountains of Maine into New Hampster. I hope my puke pills work! I'll take lots of pictures.
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KimberlyDi said...

Cute puppy! You did your good deed for the day. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Mama Goose said...

What a cutie! Sorry you didn't get to keep him.

FishermansDaughter said...

AWWWW the CUTENESS! You're such a good do-bee. Hope his owners appreciate it.

my word is jibleds

I am Barking Mad said...

that puppy is THE CUTEST THING ever!

I'm with Fisherman's Daughter on this one. I hope JD's owners know what a good person you are...I would have kept him.

He is too stinkin' cute!!! That face just...just...well it's just so cute!!!

Audrey at Barking Mad