Friday, May 7, 2010

They do what they know

Recently the girls had a dance at their school. It was called a Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Family Masquerade. Oh and a Semi Formal. I don't know why they couldn't just call the damn thing the end of year dance.
But Mimi, all she would do was the robot. Everywhere she went she roboted (is that a word?) around. Man that kid has some round eyes. A little side note, I got their dresses at TJ Maxx on the mark down rack for three bucks each. We bought seven dresses that night. I couldn't get the girls to wear a more formal dress. We have all kinds of those on the closet but they wear them to Church functions and its old news to them to dress up. Some of the girls took dressing up very seriously. One little girl in the forth grade had on a pair of heels that were clear. They were taller than she was. Unfortunately for her she didn't get to put them to use on the dance floor. Her mom had a hot date and tried to just drop her at the door and go. She wasn't quick enough for our P.T.O. ladies who headed her off at the pass and let her know she had to stay with her child. That hot date was more important and little stripper to be had to go home. It was sad and I almost offered to keep her with me but than I had flashes of my future and seeing my girls in clear high heels with cigarettes hanging from their little pouty lips that were covered in red goo. Nope the kid had to go home.
Even Dane got his jive thing on. He danced around that place like he owned it. Thank goodness the event only last two hours. I don't think he would have lasted any longer.
It was funny to see them all out on the dance floor. At first the girls didn't want anything to do with each other. They danced and hung out with their own friends. After awhile they sort of gravitated to each other and where they go Dane goes.
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

What a fun time!!! Did they play the "YMCA" song? Am I dating myself?! What I mean to say, is once upon a time I heard that song was popular at dances....LOL!
Dane-gonna be a hit with the ladies one day!
Girls- look sooo pretty!
And $3 dresses....SCORE!!!!!!!

P.S. we won't be done school'n here until the end of June...UGH!!! Education is sooooo over-rated! ;)

Mama Goose said...

TOO Cute!! Looks like fun was had by all!

I love the dresses