Friday, May 21, 2010


I never know what's going on in the backyard after dinner. Usually Dave takes everyone outback so I can clean up or do whatever I need to do to try and make our lives run smoothly.
They have been on a plane flying kick as of late. They spend quite a bit of time getting Chrissy's hair out of the propellers and climbing trees to retrieve the planes. Super glue has also been our good friend. So this one night when I was washing a butt load of dishes and trying to get a pan of Irish cream brownies in the oven, Chrissy comes bopping in the house. Her face is flushed and her eyes are shining and she says,"Mom come out front, we have something to show you!" I have to be honest here. I wasn't buying it. I figured they wanted me to get the dumb little plane out of the electric wires or something fun like that. Or maybe the plane landed in poop again. So I was really dragging my heels about going. Chrissy was persistent and when she said I don't know how much longer she can hold on I moved a little quicker.

Isn't this just nice!??? Of all the things we have to do in our backyard, this is what they do!!! I don't think that this specific machine was built for this purpose.
They were playing circus. Imagining that they were dangling fifty feet above the ground without a safety net below them. They were having a ball.
Even Little man got in on the fun. My heart couldn't take much more. I'm so uptight and this was pushing my brain. They weren't even in the backyard where no one would really see them. Nope right out in the driveway. Dave said, "No, no one will see us." "Besides, who's paying attention to what we do."
I'll tell you who was paying attention. At least six different neighbors (one of them was the one who called the police on us because Dave was giving the girls rides on the motorcycle, they were two and four, they were also on the sidewalk) also when Mimi went to school one of her teachers asked what that big machine she was swinging from was really used for. OH MY GOSH!!!! I've been trying to keep the house really clean so when the department of children's services come by I can try and convince them that we aren't bad parents and would never do anything to endanger them.
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Mama Goose said...

OH!MY!WORD! That is SO awesome!! Can't you just see my boys LOVING this?!?!

But seriously, Irish Cream Brownies? MUST KNOW NOW! Please share?

Stacy D. Briefing said...

LOL! Only a Dad would think to do something like that! I got to admit tho...I would have been jumping in line to try it too!

And Irish Cream Brownies....yes-do share! How much Irish whiskey goes in the cook and how much in the brownies...??? Haaaaa!!!!

FishermansDaughter said...

Made. Of. Awesome.

Everything from the bucket swing to the brownies.

I get MaMa's worried thing though. When Biggs was around 3 my dad was teaching him how to swim - I was so freaked out seeing him do the "dead man's float" that I went in the house and puked.

My word is


carsick said...

I can't find the exact recipe I used. I'll look for it today and post it in the morning. It was really easy and very yummy.