Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Story of Steve

Do you believe in ghosts? Aberrations or spirits? Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?
I don't know what I believe as I can only speak of what I know or may or may not have seen.

When we moved into our house eight years ago I briefly wondered if this old house had ghosts swirling around in it but quickly put the thoughts to rest as I have such an overactive imagination that I wouldn't sleep otherwise.

Then it started happening. Mimi waking up all hours of the night screaming. When we would run to her (she sounded like she was being murdered) she would clutch us and point to various parts of their room screaming, "There he is!" Over and over again until we could calm her down to go to sleep. This went on at least three to four times a week. After the first few times Dave wouldn't even get up. It annoyed him. Nobody was there. He claimed I just let her watch a bad episode of Teletubbies or something. Or I let her eat too much junk and now we were all paying for it.

After three months of me dealing with her nightly screaming I was terrified. I thought she was going crazy or maybe I was. So I called the pediatrician and hauled her in. The verdict, Night Terrors. Some kids get them he said. It could last a year or more. They might go away and come back up through puberty. All I could think about was if I was ever going to get a night's sleep again. So home we went and I started making sure Mimi wasn't watching too much television or eating any junk food just to see if if helped. It didn't. Summer turned into fall and then winter was here and sometimes every night for nights on end she'd scream half the night away. Sometimes she'd go a week and we'd have a reprieve. Almost lulling us to believe it may finally be over. To this day, it hasn't gone away.

I went to bed one evening early. I think it was in early fall. I wanted to watch a TV program that Dave didn't so I thought I would watch it in our room. I quickly felt tired and shut the TV off early and drifted off to sleep. Awhile later I awoke when Dave came up to bed. As I opened my eyes to say something to my husband there beside him stood a man. A man that was very thin and tall, taller than Dave. He had thin gray or maybe white hair combed to the side. He wore roundish glasses and had on a sweater vest. In his hand he held a cigar or maybe a pipe. I remember how long and thin his fingers were. He just looked at me.
I quickly sat up and screamed,"Who are you?" "What do you want?!" "Go away! You don't belong here!" Then I lay back down and rolled over on my side to go to sleep. I remember it perfectly. Dave climbed into bed without saying a word. Nope, not one word. After a few minutes he put his arm around me and pulled me close and whispered in my ear,"What the hell was that?" I said I had no idea and went to sleep.

Of course the next morning it was all Dave could talk about. I kept telling him that I didn't know what I saw. I said maybe I was dreaming but he kept laughing at me and saying how could that be, you were awake. It was definitely weird. Weird Weird Weird

Kadie woke up not long after us and we started to tell her about our evening and before I could describe what the man looked like she described him to us. You can just imagine how weirded out we were. She said she had seen him in her room several times but she thought we'd think she was lying so she didn't tell me. I wouldn't have either. Kadie thought we should name him Steve. So the story of
Steve was born.

To this day I don't know what I saw or if I believe what I saw. I know that sometimes the cats will go in a room and run around it meowing like crazy and hissing at nothing. I know that sometimes when Mimi wakes up screaming I get sort of nervous. But that's it. Thats as far as its gone. Until Chrissy and Mimi started telling the Story of Steve to their friends. Which is why I'm telling you the Story of Steve. Because I have another story to tell you.
To be cont.........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Party Time

Chrissy's party was a success. Just a few glitches in the system but we recovered from them quickly.
Our first and only really bad one was the day she took the invitations to school to pass out. She had plans to invite the entire sixth grade. Which would be about fifty kids. Give or take. She passed out invitations to everyone in her class but gave the other stack to her friend in the other class to pass out.
This young lady decided to only give invitations to kids she felt should come. So she only gave them to eight kids. We found out on Field Day that this had happened. When a friend of mine asked me why her kid didn't get invited. He was already invited but what she was politely trying to tell me is not everyone got an invite. Chrissy and I had to scramble for phone numbers and did some serious door knocking for the next twenty four hours. Have I told you I HATE clicks? With a passion.
We did what we could and in the end we had about twenty five boys and girls show up.

They sang and danced. They ate and drank. Boy could they waste soda. We put the bon fire out with all the left over drinks we gathered at the end of the evening. I had to keep saying to myself, all that matters is they had a good time. It's only money.
They played wiffle ball and let me tell you, I was glad I didn't play. They sure took that game seriously.
And last but not least, the squirt guns and water balloons. We filled four hundred up before everyone got to our house and another hundred after. The boys, ahem, young men brought squirt guns with them. No one was safe! Not even the lady with the camera or the guy cooking all the food. Something about water balloons. It's like an Easter Egg hunt. Way too much time filling up eggs and balloons and its all done in three minutes and someone is always left crying because they didn't get candy. In this case because they got soaked. These two girls took down a boy and stole his squirt gun. It was ugly, I think they should both go into special forces.
Dave and I had a good time to. I walked around greeting kids and parents and keeping semi order and Dave cooked and cleaned and lugged stuff back and forth. He also shopped for the entire thing (well I got the water balloons) while I cleaned house on Saturday. The forecast was calling for rain and I was trying make the house kid proof in case we had to do this thing inside. I don't know why I bothered. Even though the night was perfect the kids came in to fill balloons and guns and I had an inch of water on my kitchen floor. But I digress. I hope Chrissy realizes what her dad did for her someday. Dave did get some time in for wiffle ball and he did pelt me with a few water balloons in which I screamed like a girl.
All in all it was a great night and I hope our girl remembers it forever. Oh, and afterword, fourteen girls spent the night.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kickball Queen

It all started with Chrissy graduating from elementary school to Jr High. She is now a seventh grader and this fall will be going to a Jr. High that will combine four schools into one. Yikes!

They had an awards ceremony and that kicked off two weeks of wasted school. Every day was a party. At least I thought it was a waste of time and energy but none of the sixth graders did. Chrissy had a blast.
I can't believe I have a child going into seventh grade. Of course I can't believe I have a child that's twenty two either. For some reason I'm more upset that Chrissy is in seventh grade. I'm not sure why.
The Friday after the awards ceremony was Field Day at school. The parents were allowed to come and spend the day playing games with the kids. Two big things happened that day. The first, I got so sunburned that I thought my eyes were going to swell shut. The second.......
It's mini story time:)
Kick Ball
Did you play kick ball as a kid? Well I did and I loved it.
I had no intention of playing anything on Field Day. I planned on sitting in a chair with a big hat on my head laughing at other parents. Instead I found myself out on the field game after game. It was the only way Chrissy would play. The first few games were softball and all I did was play outfield. I can't hit a ball to save my life.
But after lunch (of nasty hot dogs and cheap cola) the kickball games began.
Did I tell you I loved kickball?
I wasn't going to kick. I was very worried about peeing my pants as soon as I either kicked the ball or started to run. Even though Chrissy had me wear black sweat pants that day in case I did. She's thoughtful like that. Wouldn't want to embarrass her or anything. (Not to mention myself) As I said I wasn't going to kick but one thing led to another and I found myself next in line to kick. I noticed that every time a mom was up to kick all the kids moved in to catch the ball. Mostly the moms got out before first base. (Okay so this story is not short)
It was my turn to kick. I was sweating bullets. I'm fat, what if the kids made fun of me. What if I miss the ball and fall on my face. What if, what if I piss my pants as I'm kicking the ball? Oh MY GOD I was freaking out. I stood there waiting for the ball to roll towards me, sweat running down my forehead and my heart thumping wildly. As it got closer to me I noticed that once again all the cocky kids moved up closer to catch the ball, if I even kicked it. Well that sparked something in me (no, I'm not competitive) I took a few running steps and I kicked that ball as hard as I could and that damn ball sailed over those kids heads and I ran for all I was worth. I made first base and kept going, I rounded second with my eyes closed praying for my pee to stay where it belonged, I got to third and felt the whoosh of the ball pass the back of my head (AT MY HEAD THE THE LITTLE BRATS) and I trucked it all the way home!!!! As I crossed home plate Chrissy jumped on me hugging and screaming "You did it! You did it!" I was so happy to see her happy that I thought I'd start to bawl right there. I didn't though and quickly excused myself to calmly walk over to the Port a Potty. When I got back a bunch of kids where standing around Chrissy and they were discussing my home run (not knowing I was behind them) and Chrissy held up both of her arms and hollered "My moms the kickball Queen!
Your damned right I am.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally, The rain has stopped

Not much to report this morning. No news is good news right? We have had much rain and all the yards look like HE double hockey sticks. I'd rather spend the day sitting by the river and day dreaming about writing a book.

I have to get out and mow ASAP. Not only do we mow our yard but an older friend of mine that lives up the street moved and her home is up for sale. Now they live over an hour away. So during this past winter Dave plowed for them and now I mow for them. I wouldn't do this for just anyone but this couple makes me believe in love.
So for the next day or two you probably won't hear much from me, I'll be working my ass off to clean up both yards and get my house in order. Why am I hurrying? Because I am letting Chrissy do something I am going to regret. Today she took invitations to school for the entire sixth grade to come to our house for a party on Saturday night. Holy Crap! What am I thinking!?
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Friday, June 4, 2010


Brrrrr. Just looking at this picture makes my teeth rattle. I stood on the shore for about two minutes before I handed my camera to Chrissy and jumped in myself. Well, waded in like a baby and whined about my boobs getting cold. I managed to find a semi warm spot and stood until I could move.
It sure didn't stop Riley, my sisters dog. He played king of the rock! He is such a cool dog. He just loves the kids and follows them everywhere. No one told him he wasn't a water dog.
After we swam we when for a nice boat ride around the lake. At first we just puttered along but then the girls let their uncle know it was time to gun it. Very hard to take pictures while speeding along in the boat. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun beating down on our shoulders, smiling faces every where.
This isn't a very good picture of this camp. It's on a peninsula and my brother in law told me that LL Bean has used it many times in catalogue's. The next time we go for a ride I'll see if I can get better pictures. He said the inside was wonderful.
Oh I have to tell you what my sister got me for mother's day but I can't right now until I take a picture of it! I was so excited and I still am. I use it every day!
Also, I can't wait for the kids to get out of school. Eight days left after today. Next week Chrissy has her graduation from sixth grade to Jr High. They all get up on stage and sing and dance. They've been practicing for weeks. One day Chrissy came home from school and she was laughing. I asked what was so funny and this is the story I was told.

My teacher was showing us dance moves. (Her teacher is an older lady maybe late fifties with white hair.) And when she was dancing her eyes were closed and she was looking towards the sky with a huge smile on her face. She looked like sunshine.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a weekend

Saturday we bought a couple of tents. Not expensive ones, just a couple from Wally World. And we camped out. IN OUR BACK YARD! I know we are so cool. But what a way to begin. The rule was no going back to the house after the sun goes down. Except for me. I'm not peeing in my backyard. I might eclipse the moon.
Dane took peeing outside very seriously. He peed somewhere every chance he could. I finally had to set some boundaries for everyone because I was scared to walk in bare feet and sit on the ground. They had a hard time understanding that you don't piss where you eat.
Here's the other tent. It is an Ozark and was eighty bucks. Or around that. The girls tent was twenty. So for a big buck we got two tents. Some of the things I learned while tenting in the backyard before really going camping.
It was cold. It rained the first night. I had on Victoria Secret PJS. It was cold. Dave would not let me go back inside. I asked, pleaded and begged. Never bring a friend of the kids unless they have already been camping because the call home to their parents at midnight sucks. Can you imagine if your were three hours away from home? You need stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Food, plates, utensils, stuff to cook on and in. Warm clothes, cool clothes, did I mention it rained our first night and Dave wouldn't let me go in the house. I froze!!!!!!!! You need much more than this. Too much to fathom. Also don't believe your kids when they say they are sleeping in their own tent. The one they begged you to buy until they wore you down to a shell of a person and you bought it to shut them the heck up.
Nope, don't believe them cause just when you think your going have some Alllooonnneeeee time they all come crashing in. And that was just the first night. The second night the temperature got down to 45. Yupper 45 freaking degrees COLD. I was prepared though. The girls have really nice sleeping bags that can withstand cold. And again they slept with us. Me, Dave and Dane don't. Yet. I brought Danes crib mattress out (we keep it under his bed and at night pull it out so if he falls off the bed he'll land on it.) So he wouldn't be on the ground. Dave and I have an air mattress. I pulled them together so Dane would be right next to me. Then I dressed myself and Dane in sweatpants, thick socks and sweatshirts with hoods. Pulled the hoods over our heads. Brought all the down blankets from the house and piled them on top and pulled them over our heads. And that's how we stayed warm. Dave and I woke up every half hour or so and Dane woke up to pee at one point and I couldn't unzip the tent fast enough and he peed on the tent opening. The only positive thing: no mosquitoes. We woke up stiff and unable to bend well. It took forever to drag in and put away what we drug out. Later that day at a picnic my newly teenaged nephew asked me if I got any sleep last night because my eyes were so puffy. The little turd.
Will we do it again? Yes, because we're crazy like that.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekends are for fun

We did some fun stuff this past weekend and tomorrow I'll post more about it.
I wanted to do a post on something that happened over the weekend the deserved its own blurb.
I will say that its no secret we bought a tent over the weekend. Our first night Dave hooked up a small portable TV for the kids to wind down and go to sleep to. Not very good campers are we?
The movie of the night was SHREK. Now I must tell you I have watched Shrek no less than four hundred times. I kid you not. And I still bust a gut watching every time. I'm not the only one though. I think Kadie has too.
For instance, check out this text I sent her. Notice the time. She's at a night club working as a DJ with Grand Master.

Dave said she wasn't going to text me back. But I knew she wouldn't be able to resist.
She had no idea that we were watching Shrek. She had no idea we were even camping. What she did know was exactly what I was talking about. I really Love that kid!
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