Monday, June 21, 2010

Kickball Queen

It all started with Chrissy graduating from elementary school to Jr High. She is now a seventh grader and this fall will be going to a Jr. High that will combine four schools into one. Yikes!

They had an awards ceremony and that kicked off two weeks of wasted school. Every day was a party. At least I thought it was a waste of time and energy but none of the sixth graders did. Chrissy had a blast.
I can't believe I have a child going into seventh grade. Of course I can't believe I have a child that's twenty two either. For some reason I'm more upset that Chrissy is in seventh grade. I'm not sure why.
The Friday after the awards ceremony was Field Day at school. The parents were allowed to come and spend the day playing games with the kids. Two big things happened that day. The first, I got so sunburned that I thought my eyes were going to swell shut. The second.......
It's mini story time:)
Kick Ball
Did you play kick ball as a kid? Well I did and I loved it.
I had no intention of playing anything on Field Day. I planned on sitting in a chair with a big hat on my head laughing at other parents. Instead I found myself out on the field game after game. It was the only way Chrissy would play. The first few games were softball and all I did was play outfield. I can't hit a ball to save my life.
But after lunch (of nasty hot dogs and cheap cola) the kickball games began.
Did I tell you I loved kickball?
I wasn't going to kick. I was very worried about peeing my pants as soon as I either kicked the ball or started to run. Even though Chrissy had me wear black sweat pants that day in case I did. She's thoughtful like that. Wouldn't want to embarrass her or anything. (Not to mention myself) As I said I wasn't going to kick but one thing led to another and I found myself next in line to kick. I noticed that every time a mom was up to kick all the kids moved in to catch the ball. Mostly the moms got out before first base. (Okay so this story is not short)
It was my turn to kick. I was sweating bullets. I'm fat, what if the kids made fun of me. What if I miss the ball and fall on my face. What if, what if I piss my pants as I'm kicking the ball? Oh MY GOD I was freaking out. I stood there waiting for the ball to roll towards me, sweat running down my forehead and my heart thumping wildly. As it got closer to me I noticed that once again all the cocky kids moved up closer to catch the ball, if I even kicked it. Well that sparked something in me (no, I'm not competitive) I took a few running steps and I kicked that ball as hard as I could and that damn ball sailed over those kids heads and I ran for all I was worth. I made first base and kept going, I rounded second with my eyes closed praying for my pee to stay where it belonged, I got to third and felt the whoosh of the ball pass the back of my head (AT MY HEAD THE THE LITTLE BRATS) and I trucked it all the way home!!!! As I crossed home plate Chrissy jumped on me hugging and screaming "You did it! You did it!" I was so happy to see her happy that I thought I'd start to bawl right there. I didn't though and quickly excused myself to calmly walk over to the Port a Potty. When I got back a bunch of kids where standing around Chrissy and they were discussing my home run (not knowing I was behind them) and Chrissy held up both of her arms and hollered "My moms the kickball Queen!
Your damned right I am.
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Mama Goose said...

That is AWESOME!!!!! YOU are awesome!!!!

Frank said...

I always liked kickball over baseball because it required much, much less skill/coordination. Give me a bat and I will strike out. Let me kick a ball and it's home runs all around.

FishermansDaughter said...

Dear Kickball Queen - I salute you.
Your minion/sister in mutinous bladderdom

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Kick Ball Queen-LOVE it!!! And love Chrissy for declaring it. I'll be humming ABBA's "Dancing Queen" all day; but substitute the words "Kick Ball Queen" in your honor. Yep, Ya Damn right I will! :)