Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a weekend

Saturday we bought a couple of tents. Not expensive ones, just a couple from Wally World. And we camped out. IN OUR BACK YARD! I know we are so cool. But what a way to begin. The rule was no going back to the house after the sun goes down. Except for me. I'm not peeing in my backyard. I might eclipse the moon.
Dane took peeing outside very seriously. He peed somewhere every chance he could. I finally had to set some boundaries for everyone because I was scared to walk in bare feet and sit on the ground. They had a hard time understanding that you don't piss where you eat.
Here's the other tent. It is an Ozark and was eighty bucks. Or around that. The girls tent was twenty. So for a big buck we got two tents. Some of the things I learned while tenting in the backyard before really going camping.
It was cold. It rained the first night. I had on Victoria Secret PJS. It was cold. Dave would not let me go back inside. I asked, pleaded and begged. Never bring a friend of the kids unless they have already been camping because the call home to their parents at midnight sucks. Can you imagine if your were three hours away from home? You need stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Food, plates, utensils, stuff to cook on and in. Warm clothes, cool clothes, did I mention it rained our first night and Dave wouldn't let me go in the house. I froze!!!!!!!! You need much more than this. Too much to fathom. Also don't believe your kids when they say they are sleeping in their own tent. The one they begged you to buy until they wore you down to a shell of a person and you bought it to shut them the heck up.
Nope, don't believe them cause just when you think your going have some Alllooonnneeeee time they all come crashing in. And that was just the first night. The second night the temperature got down to 45. Yupper 45 freaking degrees COLD. I was prepared though. The girls have really nice sleeping bags that can withstand cold. And again they slept with us. Me, Dave and Dane don't. Yet. I brought Danes crib mattress out (we keep it under his bed and at night pull it out so if he falls off the bed he'll land on it.) So he wouldn't be on the ground. Dave and I have an air mattress. I pulled them together so Dane would be right next to me. Then I dressed myself and Dane in sweatpants, thick socks and sweatshirts with hoods. Pulled the hoods over our heads. Brought all the down blankets from the house and piled them on top and pulled them over our heads. And that's how we stayed warm. Dave and I woke up every half hour or so and Dane woke up to pee at one point and I couldn't unzip the tent fast enough and he peed on the tent opening. The only positive thing: no mosquitoes. We woke up stiff and unable to bend well. It took forever to drag in and put away what we drug out. Later that day at a picnic my newly teenaged nephew asked me if I got any sleep last night because my eyes were so puffy. The little turd.
Will we do it again? Yes, because we're crazy like that.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Good times. Me and my two are heading out w/Teach and her one (and a shiz ton of her palies) next month - I'm skairt - haven't been camping since I was in my teens...a LONG time ago. The things we do to make fond memories for our littles.


Mama Goose said...

Nice! All the dragging stuff out and having to put it back is worth it on the end! Good stuff!