Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A few weeks ago we went to The Owl's Head something, something blah blah Museum.They were showing old cars and airplanes. They were also having an air show. I didn't want to go but got roped into it. I would have much rather stay home and clean. And be by myself. It didn't happen. Once I got there I was glad I went.

You got to make your own airplane out of styrofoam. (I spelled this word sooo wrong the first time I wrote it!) 

Then we got to fly them. The girls who didn't think they would have fun had a blast. Even though we had to redo Christina's airplane a couple of times.
After all that excitement which goes to show you that it doesn't take much to amuse us, we saw this plane. It really made us stop and think about war and how far we have come. Can you imagine if it was your job to man the gun? I would have crapped my pants.

Anyway, we have been really busy the last few weeks. Last week was Vacation Bible School, the weekends have been full of parties, swimming and cookouts. We have had some of the best weather that I can ever remember in the state of Maine and have been spending as much time outside as we can. Everytime I think we'll hole up for the day I think of how sucky winter is and then pack the kids up and go to the lake.

Today we have a little breather. I'm supposed to be cleaning up and packing for a camping trip this weekend. I'm not much of a camper I'm more of a hoteler. This time I won't forget my camera so I can take lovely pictures of things like the rock I slept on that made it impossible to stand up straight ever again. Or the porcupine that the dog chased and the quills we had to pull out of his face. Or maybe the food that took hours to prepare over the open fire. The possibilties are endless. So you'll hear from me next week after I've recovered, until then, ENJOY THE SUMMER:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Night Terrors

I know this is long but I wanted you to know what night terrors are. Marians screaming at night isn't a result of "Steve." At least I don't think.

Within fifteen minutes of your child's  falling asleep, she will probably enter her deepest sleep of the night. This period of slow wave sleep, or deep non-REM sleep, will typically last from forty-five to seventy-five minutes. At this time, most children will transition to a lighter sleep stage or will wake briefly before returning to sleep. Some children, however, get stuck -- unable to completely emerge from slow wave sleep. Caught between stages, these children experience a period of partial arousal.

Partial arousal states are classified in three categories: 1) sleep walking, 2) confusional arousal, and 3) true sleep terrors. These are closely related phenomena that are all part of the same spectrum of behavior.

When most people (including the popular press and popular parenting literature) speak of sleep terrors, they are generally referring to what are called confusional arousals by most pediatric sleep experts (Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine in the Child, by Ferber and Kryger). Confusional arousals are quite common, taking place in as many as 15% of toddler and pre-school children. They typically occur in the first third of the night on nights when the child is over-tired, or when the sleep-wake schedule has been irregular for several days.

A confusional arousal begins with the child moaning and moving about. It progresses quickly to the child crying out and thrashing wildly. The eyes may be open or closed, and perspiration is common. The child will look confused, upset, or even "possessed" (a description volunteered by many parents). Even if the child does call out her parents' names, she will not recognize them. She will appear to look right through them, unable to see them. Parental attempts to comfort the child by holding or cuddling tend to prolong the situation. Typically a confusional arousal will last for about ten minutes, although it may be as short as one minute, and it is not unusual for the episode to last for a seemingly eternal forty minutes.

During these frightening episodes, the child is not dreaming and typically will have no memory of the event afterwards (unlike a nightmare). If any memory persists, it will be a vague feeling of being chased, or of being trapped. The event itself seems to be a storm of neural emissions in which the child experiences an intense flight or fight sensation. A child usually settles back to quiet sleep without difficulty

Read more:

Marian has what are called true sleep terrors. The fun part of when she has them she doesn't have to be at home. We've been in hotel rooms and had them happen. Now that's what I call fun. Someone always calls the management and then in turn management comes to our room. Sound like fun? Like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Once we were at my aunt and uncle's. She started really screaming there. My uncle ran to where she was sleeping sure that someone had gotten in her room and was brutally stabbing her. I had already got her but couldn't calm her down. Oh the joy. The next morning none of knew what to say to each other. I apologised profusely. We were very embarrassed even though there wasn't anything we could have done.
To this day she still has them every now and again. We try to keep her schedule consistent and when she is over tired I try to sleep close by her. We have come to realize that if I can catch her right as she is first going into a terror and I rub her arm or back etc and speak calmly and softly to her it snaps her out of it.But sometimes you just don't know.
What I do know is this. In twenty two years I don't think I've slept seven full nights. Kids....Posted by Picasa

Why do we bother?

We want to take nice pictures of our children so that one hundred years from now some distance relative will look at our families and say what nice looking kids these are. Instead, this is the crap I get.
I mean when I say I'm taking the picture don't move it must also mean everyone laugh and piss off mom. It really must.
Lets all keep our eyes half closed and where the heck did Mimi get a shirt that says Don't make me get my flying monkeys. Oh yeah, from her big sister Kadie. Just wait til she has kids. I'll get even.
Did you know that this sign that they are doing means East Coast? Yeah we be bad.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We've been so busy lately. I have much to blog about but am too tired to do it. I can't even seem to think straight. It's all do to the good weather we are having. We don't want to miss a second of it by being indoors. It could only be more perfect if someone else weeded my garden.
My husbands grandmother turns ninety at the end of the week so this past week my husband told (not asked) us to make homemade cards for her. So in retaliation I went to the craft store and dropped sixty bucks on card making materials. Then waited until late Sunday night until making them. So now we don't have groceries this week and we are all over tired. But I got him, didn't I!?
During all of this fun Dave asked if I took pictures of the kids to send with the cards. No, no I did not. So I shuffled the little girls out in the back yard to set up for some photo's and these pictures are of the girls sitting still so I can find the "good" spot to take a picture.
Why don't they ever listen to me?
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not sure why

Not sure why but my pictures for Steve Cont. didn't post AGH!!!! Here they are.
Also I want to say I don't really believe in ghosts. hee hee hee

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farmhouse Stairs

I know I've posted pictures before of these stairs. Back about a year ago when I said I was going to paint the hall and refinish the stairs. As you can see I've jumped right on that.
But that's not the reason why I'm blogging today. I probably never would have ever mentioned the stairs to you again and would have hoped that maybe you had forgotten that I ever said I was going to do it.
No the reason why I'm blogging is to tell you that ever since we moved into this house I have always wondered that if I fell down the stairs and grabbed the banister would it support me. I'm no lightweight and this isn't a new banister.
Well a week ago I had the chance to find out. The Friday before the Forth of July Dave took the kids to work with him. He had to go to the office in Wells so that would give me about six hours of alone time to clean. I actually needed twelve but we won't split hairs. Anytime alone to clean is a blessing.
I trucked up and down those damn stairs so many times that I lost count. I would leave a basket on the stairs and fill it up with stuff and when it was full I'd go up and put the stuff away. Well at one point I left the basket upstairs and when I came back down I noticed an American Girl Doll shoved under the table in the hall. So I grabbed it and I reached up and set in on the stairs just over half way up. I then went to fold the laundry in the dryer. It ended up being two big baskets full so I balanced them on top of each other going back up the stairs. I remembered that the doll was there but couldn't reach down get it.
Are you bored yet?
No? Okay I'll go on. Well, I gathered up all the empty clothes baskets that were upstairs than dug out all of the dirty shit that the girls had shoved under their beds and threw it into one of the baskets and then stacked all seven of the baskets on top of each other and headed down the stairs. I was thinking as I hit that first step that I was doing pretty good. I might even have time to clean out the cupboards. You see my sister was coming to dinner and every time she comes into my house she opens all the cupboards and checks out all the junk food. Poor thing doesn't have kids so she doesn't have all the junk crap at her house. (She doesn't know how I envy the order in her life compared to the chaos in mine.) Anyway that's what I was thinking about when I stepped on the head of the American Girl Doll. My foot rolled and I immediately started to pitch forward and as I did I let loose of the laundry baskets. I went down a few steps and managed to grab on to that railing for dear life. I looped my arm through the rail and held on even as my body propelled forward. My body flung left and then abrutly right and I heard a tearing sound on my right side. Then I stopped. It was over. I stood there freaking out because I didn't die and then then I remembered that the banister held my weight. So that mystry was solved. Yes the banister would hold me if I grabbed it while I was falling down the stairs.
On the other hand I pulled some serious muscles in my back and right now the asprin has worn off and I'm incredibly bitchy because I hate taking asprin or any medications. So now that I've told you all of this I think I'll go to bed and hopefully tomorrow when I wake it will feel less worse.
Thank you and goodnight. Melissa

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Story of Steve Cont.

The Monday of the week that school got out, (I'm already confusing you aren't I?) Chrissy asked if she could have a couple of friends spend the night the day school got out. They only went to school school until 10:30 the last day and Chrissy and her friends wanted to walk to the pizza place by themselves (they are now big 7Th graders) and then take the pizzas to the park and eat them and then walk to our house. I agreed but I planned on meeting them at the school and walking along with them. I just didn't tell her that.
During the next day or two I intercepted a few notes and text messages from Christina's backpack and cell phone. They were all talking of and about ghosts and spirits and how to see them and get rid of them. One such note made a comment about drawing a circle and stepping inside of the circle to be safe while they brought "Steve" to the other side. Oh let me not forget to tell you one text said don't forget your Bible, garlic and a stake. Just in case one thing didn't work maybe the other stuff would.
I can tell you I was ALARMED! I went right to Dave to tell him what was going on.Who told me to let him take care of it. So I did. But I was still alarmed.
The day school let out I met the kids at the school and the few had turned into twelve. Holy Fucking Hand job!!!!!! And they were all on a GHOST HUNT.
We went to get the pizza's and after visiting the park we headed to our house where the girls broke up into teams to look for Spirits. Gulp. All I could think about was what would the other parents think!
Then Dave let me in on this:

This is our next door neighbor. He's also a very good sport. Dave asked him if he'd like to scare a bunch of too cool to be scared preteen girls. He said he'd love to. It was raining out when we snuck him in through the basement to wait it out until we could settle the girls down. He looked pretty creepy. He had to wait about fifteen minutes before he could do his thing because the girls were eating Oreo's and milk and I didn't want it to fly everywhere. Even though these girls are pretty tough. One thinks she's Wiken (did I even spell that right?) One is Goth and the rest are all in on having fun.
When they finally settled down our "Steve" walked through the house to the schoolroom where all the girls were hanging out. The french doors were closed and all he did was stand there. The girls were talking and laughing. One of the girls noticed him and gave a funny look and soon they all noticed him. But they just kept talking. Soon our "Steve" wondered away and about the time he hit the bottom steps all the girls started screaming. I mean REALLY screaming! As in echo through the neighborhood. Christina was screaming for me repeatedly. I couldn't go to her though, I was laughing so hard I thought I'd wet myself. Dave was laughing too. Like I haven't seen him laugh in years.

When we finally went to them they were all crying and laughing. One girl dove under her sleeping bag and called her dad before I could stop her. (He's real impressed with us, I'm sure) The one girl that kept talking about the fact that she could draw a circle and bring the spirit to the other side was crying hysterically. I asked her how her circle worked out for her. She just cried some more. Not one of them believed that it was a prank and so we showed them the picture that I took and then our neighbor came back over without make up.
These picture of some of the girls were taken the next morning. They were still rattled. When I asked them how come they didn't say anything when they first saw "Steve" they said because they weren't sure what they were looking at and they didn't want to be a baby.
I thought I'd get some phone calls from pissed off parents but I didn't. Thank goodness! Some of the kids didn't even tell their parents but all the parents knew because we had told some parents before hand and word got around. You know how it goes. I can only imagine what they think of us.
In the end it was a good time for all but I think it will be awhile before I let Chrissy have "just a couple " of friends over for the night.