Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A few weeks ago we went to The Owl's Head something, something blah blah Museum.They were showing old cars and airplanes. They were also having an air show. I didn't want to go but got roped into it. I would have much rather stay home and clean. And be by myself. It didn't happen. Once I got there I was glad I went.

You got to make your own airplane out of styrofoam. (I spelled this word sooo wrong the first time I wrote it!) 

Then we got to fly them. The girls who didn't think they would have fun had a blast. Even though we had to redo Christina's airplane a couple of times.
After all that excitement which goes to show you that it doesn't take much to amuse us, we saw this plane. It really made us stop and think about war and how far we have come. Can you imagine if it was your job to man the gun? I would have crapped my pants.

Anyway, we have been really busy the last few weeks. Last week was Vacation Bible School, the weekends have been full of parties, swimming and cookouts. We have had some of the best weather that I can ever remember in the state of Maine and have been spending as much time outside as we can. Everytime I think we'll hole up for the day I think of how sucky winter is and then pack the kids up and go to the lake.

Today we have a little breather. I'm supposed to be cleaning up and packing for a camping trip this weekend. I'm not much of a camper I'm more of a hoteler. This time I won't forget my camera so I can take lovely pictures of things like the rock I slept on that made it impossible to stand up straight ever again. Or the porcupine that the dog chased and the quills we had to pull out of his face. Or maybe the food that took hours to prepare over the open fire. The possibilties are endless. So you'll hear from me next week after I've recovered, until then, ENJOY THE SUMMER:)


Mama Goose said...

Oh good. I've been wondering if that museum is worth the drive. Looks like the boys would have a blast.

Happy camping. Don't forget the bug dope!

FishermansDaughter said...

I get roped into doing shiz too - camping included - am pretty much always glad I went and use the same "New England winters last FOREVER" logic to get us out of the house. Hasn't the weather been absolutely awesome?!
We're having a blast this summer and glad to see you doing the same!