Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We've been so busy lately. I have much to blog about but am too tired to do it. I can't even seem to think straight. It's all do to the good weather we are having. We don't want to miss a second of it by being indoors. It could only be more perfect if someone else weeded my garden.
My husbands grandmother turns ninety at the end of the week so this past week my husband told (not asked) us to make homemade cards for her. So in retaliation I went to the craft store and dropped sixty bucks on card making materials. Then waited until late Sunday night until making them. So now we don't have groceries this week and we are all over tired. But I got him, didn't I!?
During all of this fun Dave asked if I took pictures of the kids to send with the cards. No, no I did not. So I shuffled the little girls out in the back yard to set up for some photo's and these pictures are of the girls sitting still so I can find the "good" spot to take a picture.
Why don't they ever listen to me?
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Mama Goose said...

Man, you make me laugh woman. Thanks. Hope you're having a great week!