Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Story of Steve Cont.

The Monday of the week that school got out, (I'm already confusing you aren't I?) Chrissy asked if she could have a couple of friends spend the night the day school got out. They only went to school school until 10:30 the last day and Chrissy and her friends wanted to walk to the pizza place by themselves (they are now big 7Th graders) and then take the pizzas to the park and eat them and then walk to our house. I agreed but I planned on meeting them at the school and walking along with them. I just didn't tell her that.
During the next day or two I intercepted a few notes and text messages from Christina's backpack and cell phone. They were all talking of and about ghosts and spirits and how to see them and get rid of them. One such note made a comment about drawing a circle and stepping inside of the circle to be safe while they brought "Steve" to the other side. Oh let me not forget to tell you one text said don't forget your Bible, garlic and a stake. Just in case one thing didn't work maybe the other stuff would.
I can tell you I was ALARMED! I went right to Dave to tell him what was going on.Who told me to let him take care of it. So I did. But I was still alarmed.
The day school let out I met the kids at the school and the few had turned into twelve. Holy Fucking Hand job!!!!!! And they were all on a GHOST HUNT.
We went to get the pizza's and after visiting the park we headed to our house where the girls broke up into teams to look for Spirits. Gulp. All I could think about was what would the other parents think!
Then Dave let me in on this:

This is our next door neighbor. He's also a very good sport. Dave asked him if he'd like to scare a bunch of too cool to be scared preteen girls. He said he'd love to. It was raining out when we snuck him in through the basement to wait it out until we could settle the girls down. He looked pretty creepy. He had to wait about fifteen minutes before he could do his thing because the girls were eating Oreo's and milk and I didn't want it to fly everywhere. Even though these girls are pretty tough. One thinks she's Wiken (did I even spell that right?) One is Goth and the rest are all in on having fun.
When they finally settled down our "Steve" walked through the house to the schoolroom where all the girls were hanging out. The french doors were closed and all he did was stand there. The girls were talking and laughing. One of the girls noticed him and gave a funny look and soon they all noticed him. But they just kept talking. Soon our "Steve" wondered away and about the time he hit the bottom steps all the girls started screaming. I mean REALLY screaming! As in echo through the neighborhood. Christina was screaming for me repeatedly. I couldn't go to her though, I was laughing so hard I thought I'd wet myself. Dave was laughing too. Like I haven't seen him laugh in years.

When we finally went to them they were all crying and laughing. One girl dove under her sleeping bag and called her dad before I could stop her. (He's real impressed with us, I'm sure) The one girl that kept talking about the fact that she could draw a circle and bring the spirit to the other side was crying hysterically. I asked her how her circle worked out for her. She just cried some more. Not one of them believed that it was a prank and so we showed them the picture that I took and then our neighbor came back over without make up.
These picture of some of the girls were taken the next morning. They were still rattled. When I asked them how come they didn't say anything when they first saw "Steve" they said because they weren't sure what they were looking at and they didn't want to be a baby.
I thought I'd get some phone calls from pissed off parents but I didn't. Thank goodness! Some of the kids didn't even tell their parents but all the parents knew because we had told some parents before hand and word got around. You know how it goes. I can only imagine what they think of us.
In the end it was a good time for all but I think it will be awhile before I let Chrissy have "just a couple " of friends over for the night.


KimberlyDi said...

hilarious! I wondered if Steve enjoyed it too?

FishermansDaughter said...

Best part of the post - Holy. Handjob.

*still laughing*

Stacy D. Briefing said...

I too am still rolling with laughter over "Holy...Handjob!" YOU crack me up!

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