Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the road again

As I told you last week, we went camping over the weekend. It was against both mine and Dave's better judgement because we both felt like crap but we sucked it up anyway.
                                                              It took two vehicles to pack everything up and I still forgot my coffee and percolator. But I still didn't know that when we stopped here at Walmart. I didn't remember until we got westofeastbumfuck. Then I wanted to cry. I forgot other stuff too but the coffee was the worst. I did end up buying a small jar of instant and it was okay. Better than I thought it would be.
Our dog has a new name now. It's no longer Trapper. It's Stink. He rode with Dave. Stink is an awesome camper though. He just goes with the flow. He doesn't bark at every noise he just lays on the ground waiting for his next meal. Or for Dane to feed him his food. You know it is really funny but the worse Stink stinks the more Dane lays all over him. Then they both stink. Baths don't seem to help either of them.
We were really happy to find out that dogs can go to most campgrounds. Not that we wanted to bring him but to find someone to watch him was hard. We would worry every time we left him that he would get loose or who ever was watching him would forget to let him out.
Here's the final setup. It was a big camp site and pretty secluded. It was a nice place to camp but I don't know if I'll ever get used to sleeping on the ground. I didn't sleep on a mat and the ground was cold and it seeped right through my bones. It also made me have to get up to pee SIX times during the night. Outhouses are scary during the day but at night its even worse. My imagination was in overdrive. It really wouldn't have surprised me if I got sucked in the outhouse by the poop monster. If you've never used an outhouse you don't know what your missing.
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FishermansDaughter said...

I can't believe we were both experiencing the "joys of camping" with our little cherubs on the same weekend! Small, crazy world. Who ever though camping at all was a "good idea fun for the whole family" is an IDIOT. Just say no.