Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seventh Grade

This morning our oldest child at home got up at 5:30am to get on a bus at 6:20am. She is officially in Jr. High. I am so excited and nervous for her that I don't know if I'll get anything done here at home while I'm waiting for her to come back home.
She was a real trooper this morning. She hates to get up early. She has had awful anxiety about this new phase in her life and has been sleeping with me or close to me the past few nights. At first we were sending her repeatedly back to her room but at 2am she would still be awake. If I let her stay with me she'd be asleep by 10.
So this morning she got up and showered and got herself ready all with me trailing around behind her. Which probably made her more nervous. She put on a black tank top and then put a white shirt on over it. I said why are you doing that? Shouldn't you put the white shirt on and then the black tank top. NO, she said, I like it this way. Then she put on her jeans and proceeded to roll the bottoms up like Capri pants (but she doesn't like Capri pants) of course I had to butt in and re roll them to make them even. After that I helped her put in her new black hoop earrings that she bought when I wasn't looking at GoodWill. All the while she kept telling me that I could go do something else. I didn't need to follow her around. So I went and turned the computer on so she could FB her morning before she left for school. After that I noticed she had on a set of bright red old lady beads. I wasn't going to say anything but I couldn't help myself. (I didn't want to upset her but she really didn't match well) So I casually sidled up next to her and said ,"Are you really going to where those ugly red beds?) Okay, I'm a jerk I admit it. She looked at me and nervously smiled and said, "These are Grammies beads." SO she's wearing the beads today. After that I helped her blow dry her hair and reminded her to put cream on her face. She told me again that I didn't need to help her. grrr. I had nothing else to do. Dave was in the kitchen making her breakfast and her snack. That poor kid had more attention than she's had in awhile.
We finally got her already and she headed out to the bus stop, with me leaning over the porch trying to get a good picture. I was okay and feeling fine until I saw this:

DO YOU SEE THAT BOY!!!!!?????!!!!! He's in ninth grade! Look at her! She's just a baby! Dave had to haul me in the house so I wouldn't go stand next to her to protect her while waiting for the bus.
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Mama Goose said...

What??!!!?? You didn't follow the bus??? ; )

Congrats Mama. You're growing up.

Can't wait to hear how her day was.

FishermansDaughter said...

I know your pain. Biggs starts 7th grade Monday - I'm supportive on the outside, FREAKED THE HELL OUT on the inside and proud all over.
Great pics - make sure to tell the collective "us" how she did. I welled up reading she wore Grandma's beads. Sweet.