Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning back time

Do you ever look back at something you did and wondered,"What was I thinking?"
Pretty much that has been my whole life. Not that my life has been bad or abnormal. (What is normal anyway?)
Take this picture of yours truly. What was I thinking? I'll let you in on a secret, I wasn't thinking. At least not about getting my picture taken. I was actually wondering where the garbage can was and if it was closer than the bathroom and which one could I make first because I was going to puke really soon.
How bout the clothes. I don't even know where they came from. I brought clothes with me but nothing really fit.
I'll tell you a secret. In this picture, I'm not wearing pants. Nope, no pants. Mine didn't match what they put on me. So they said don't bother putting them on. I didn't care. Pants no pants. What did it matter.
What did matter though is in the next set of pictures they were taking of me, which I don't have or I would show you, was me wrapped in yards and yards of turquoise material. I was looking like a pregnant mermaid. No matter what they did, and they did much, I looked pregnant. Very pregnant. Of course I was pregnant. Very pregnant. And very nauseous, bitchy, tired and hungry. I was always hungry. They did have awesome grapes on hand.
They went on to drape more clothes on me and finally decided to go with another picture of me that was taken before I was even pregnant. I did keep this one though to show Chrissy a picture of me when I was eight months knocked up with her. She always asks why they didn't show my belly and I always laugh and say because I wasn't wearing any pants!.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The End is in Sight

Sorry that it's been awhile since I posted. (I know your dying to hear about our roofing project) It's been a crazy week. Last Sunday night after dinner my handsome husband and I went for a walk. We had to decided what to do about the roof. Do we suck it up and go on? Do we put ourselves through that stress and struggle? Do we give up and hire someone? If we do than that means we won't be able to put in a driveway. Which we desperately need. Being a grownup stinks. We ended up hiring someone to come and finish the roofing. We were very lucky because the roofer took pity on us (not really though because he charged us up the ying yang) and started work Tuesday morning. He and another guy worked all week and finished up on Friday afternoon.
What wasn't in their job to do was clean up. Clean has been kicking my fat flippin arse. Picking up nails has been a number one priority. A big magnet helps. We don't want any flat tires.
Isn't it just a mess? We pick the shingles up and throw them in the bucket of the front end loader until it's full then I drive the FEL over to the trailer and dump it.
Yesterday when the trailer was full my love and I took it to the dump where we proceeded to through off two and a half tons of shingles into the giant compacter. It took us over an hour and my back my never be the same. We still aren't finished but hopefully by the time the dumps opens up on Wednesday I'll have another load ready to go. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.
In other things happening around here: It's been a sad week. My sister called and definitely leaves for Afghanistan the first of the year and my sister in laws brother died suddenly. We are four days and counting down the one year death of my mom and the pain in my chest keeps squeezing around my heart. I plan on working myself to death this week so I hopefully won't dwell on it.
I'll have pictures of the roof posted tomorrow. I hope:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changes in plans

When we seriously started working on the roof last week we found out we had a situation. My husband, who isn't afraid of heights but doesn't really care for them, has really bad allergies right now. Every time he would get up on the roof he would get dizzy and feel like he was about to fall. Not good when your working so high up off the ground. I offered to go up and work but I can't do what he does. Cause I'm a girl.
So my job was to run the front end loader. Which I'm doing here but can't see. Mimi is the camera girl.

With out Dave to get up on the roof and work we were in trouble. We had a (very very) wonderful neighbor who came over and stripped most of the roof and a friend of Dave's helped out on Saturday. Sunday we knew we were in a world of hurt. We couldn't expect Dave's dad to do all of the work. He had an accident years ago and left his feet and legs in less than perfect shape. Plus he's Dave's dad not a labourer. Feelings of panic have set in at this time and I've been doing the Indian don't rain dance.
On a more wonderful note: My mom bought me two of these bushes last summer. Isn't the blossom lovely? Even if it has roofing material all over it.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This post will have to be done in parts so that you can understand what I'm telling you. Well I could just tell you and I'm sure you'd understand but pictures tell it best. This is the front of the house. I'm standing on the ground in front of the front door. It doesn't look so high.
But then I backed up to snap this picture.
And backed up a little more for this picture.
Then I changed sides of the house and snapped this shot. Its high so very, very high.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go Packers!

My husband is from the land of cheese. Other wise know as Wisconsin. So that also makes him a cheesehead. Not that I would ever call him a cheesehead. So to help make him feel at home when he's not I try to get all the Wisconsin stuff I can. So far TJ Max has treated us right. That's where I found Dane's shirt. On a mark down rack for $4. I mean who else is going to buy WI stuff in Maine?
And these lovelies my cousin picked up at our local Goodwill.
Dane doesn't understand that they are too big and it doesn't matter where I hide them he seems to find them.
This is what I should be cleaning today instead of blogging. I promise Desk, that by dinner time you will have a clean surface! It's a good thing that it can't hold its breath.

My FIL made it here safely just before dinner yesterday. The kids were ecstatic to see him. Today after Dave gets home from work they are going to pick up the scaffolding for the house. I can't wait. The hole in my bedroom ceiling is getting larger. Hopefully, weather permitting, we'll get a good start on the roof by the weekend. I'll take some pictures but don't pass out when you see our house. It's a work in progress. We started on the inside first. This year it's the roof and driveway and next year it will be siding. (Money permitting of course)
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Staying Home

Yesterday after we came home from church the kids and Dave made a dash for the fair. Sunday was wristband day. I was so excited I didn't know what to do first. You see my father in law is coming today. The house was and still is a mess. I need to clean. Really really badly. I thought I was going to have some free time to do it yesterday. But more on that in a minute. I started out giving Trapper a much needed bath. I don't know how one dog can stink so bad. He kept jumping out of the tub and running by me. Pretty soon we were both growling at each other and water was everywhere. The whole time I'm trying to get everything cleaned up the phone keeps ringing. I finally answered it.
Me: Hello
Dave: Hey
Me: What?
Dave: You have to come here.
Me: No, why? What's wrong?
Dave: All of theses girls have come to hang out with Chrissy. I don't even know half of them. Am I in charge of them? Where are their parents. You just have to come.
Me: No, I'm cleaning.
Dave: Please.
Me: I'll see you in a few minutes.
This is why my house is always a mess.............
When I got there Mimi was scarfing down a Carmel apple. The clumps are Carmel kept getting caught in the gaping hole between her front teeth. Yesterday she wondered if that gap was ever going to fill in. I secretly wondered that too.
Chrissy with her boyfriend, dough boy. If she keeps eating dough boys she's going to pack on a few pounds.
Notice all the seedy looking characters? This here's a real country fair folks! We even crown a Dairy Princess every year.
And of course I couldn't forget my boy. The Great Dane wasn't too Keen on rides but felt safe on the horses. He made horse noises and shouted giddy up! I dressed him in game day attire. The Packers played yesterday and they showed the game on TV here! Not that I don't like the Pat's. My true team are the Dolphins. I've almost given up on them ever winning a Superbowl though. I won't ever totally give up hope.
So today I have some massive cleaning and laundry to do. I didn't sleep worth a darn last night. I lay in bed and all I can think about is should I have pushed my mom into one more round of chemo. Would it have made a difference? Is she okay where she is now? Does she forgive me for being a rotten kid? It just doesn't end. It's awful and I can't get over the guilt and the sorrow. I feel so strange inside. One part of me tells me to get up off my ass and move! Live my life! The other part of me, the part that's winning is letting me walk in circles not knowing what to say, do or think one minute to the next. It's a real pressure cooker in my head.
So anyway, I've got to get on with my day. I wouldn't want my FIL to walk in to the house when it looks like this. (He wouldn't care) I care. Maybe I'll post a few before and after pictures of the chaos to help keep me motivated through the day:) Isn't that what you wanted to see? My mess. Hee hee!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010


We were on our way home from the local fair and Chrissy blurts out,"The only boy I'm ever going to like is DOUGHBOY!" A girl after my own heart:)
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Where do you stand?

Recently I was talking to another mom and the subject of bed wetting came up. I was very freaked out over how upset this mom became because her son started wetting the bed after being totally trained for the past year.
I come from a long line of bed wetters. Now my siblings never wet the bed. I on the other hand rarely wet my bed. I was known to sleep walk and pee on other peoples beds and in their rooms. I would dream I was walking and had to pee so I'd stop and pee. I remember once waking to my brother screaming at me to get off his bed. He was also screaming for our mom. My jammies were down to my ankles and I was on the center of his bed in the squat position. As much as he was very disturbed over this my mom did not get upset with me. Which is amazing because she hated anything dirty and I was about to make a huge mess for her to clean. I think I was nine.
As I had children she was always on top of the potty training. All children should be trained no later than two. That was her stance. My stance was its easier to change a diaper in the car than find a place to pee. So I never pushed it. Kadie was trained by the time she was two and a half. So was Chrissy. Mimi on the other hand took a little longer. Now that's another story for a rainy day. Dane was potty trained by eighteen months. I was very disappointed in him. He has made my life so hard ever since. I didn't potty train him he just did it.
Dane, in the past year, wets the bed. Not all the time. Sometimes he'll go months and not wet the bed and sometimes he'll wet the bed twice in one day. At nap time and bed time. Yes I get frustrated but I don't ever get mad at him. The look of horror on his face when he's figured out he wet his bed is punishment enough. It's not always his fault though. Sometimes I forget to have him pee before bed. Or we've had a particularly busy day and he just doesn't wake up. To try and solve the problem for the past year I have been waking him up at 10 to take him to the bathroom. If we've been really busy I'll get him up around 2am to go again. (I haven't slept a full night in 23 years) It's a pain in the ass, yes, but what choice do I have? Either get him up or have a mess to clean. Sometimes I can get him up and he still pees. But I don't spank him for it. I don't yell at him and I certainly don't announce to everyone we come in contact with that Dane was a bad boy last night because he peed the bed. But maybe I have it wrong. What do you think?
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Thumb My Nose at the Law

Friday morning the big orange store delivered our shingles so we could start the process of re roofing the house. (They are still sitting where they were dropped off) Since our excitement was high we decided to take Kadie's car to the junkyard. POS (piece of shit) was a 1999 Ford Taurus that Kadie picked up a few years ago for $600 bucks. We immediately named it POS and the ghetto cruzer.

My mom purchased Kadie a newer car before she passed away (we are coming up on a year on the 30Th of the month and I'm a wreck btw) so said POS has been parked in the backyard ever since. It had been driving me crazy seeing it sitting in amongst the weeds. So Friday morning Dave asked me if we wanted to junk it today and I squealed YES YES YES! The thing was though, the car has no insurance, no inspection and no plates. I told Dave I'd drive the POS to the junkyard because I didn't care. I thumb my nose at the law! I'm a rebel! (Who really needs a cause) I did make a dash to the Town hall to see if I could get a temporary plate for the day and found I could not. So I was back to thumbing my nose.
Dave drove in front of me and I followed him quite close so we wouldn't draw attention to the car having no plates. We made it to the interstate okay. Once we got on though was another story. As I pulled on there was quite a bit of traffic. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the people passing me on the left staring at me and shaking their heads. I could feel the sweat start to run down the back of my neck. I decided to play it cool and pasted a big smile on my face and act like I was out for a Sunday drive. La la la la la. I could feel my shirt sticking to my armpits so I started to flap my elbows up and down like a chicken. I finally made to the exit but still had ten miles to go. Everywhere I drove people were staring at me at shaking their heads. I started to prepare my speech that I was going to give the cop that pulled me over. Should I go with innocent act? Should I act offended that he pulled me over? Should I tell him to just give me the damn ticket and get out of my face? Whew I could see the end was nearing. I just had to get to the top of the hill. I got half way up and the POS started to surge then sputter. I was shittin bricks. I pushed the accelerator all the way to the floor and crossed my fingers and made it to the entrance. Thank you Baby Jesus. Thank you. I got out of the car and took the paperwork inside the office and went out to Dave and Dane in the truck. Dave immediately started to laugh. Oh my God you stink!He laughed! I cried out I know my shirts all wet, my hearts pounding and the back of my hair is all wet!!!!!!! He said that I didn't look nervous at all. He said every time he looked back at me I had a big stupid smile on my face like I didn't have a care in the world. At least I got that right.
I think it will be a long time before I thumb my nose at the law. I'm getting too old.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

More River Rocks

Dane and I went out back yesterday to burn off some pre-school energy. His attention span is fifteen minutes on a good day. So I grabbed my camera to show you what the river behind our place looks like right now. On the right you can see where the grass is. The river normally goes to that point but most of the time it's up and over that point.
It is fun to walk around and move rocks to see what you can find. Many years ago people throw their trash in this river. I'm sure their shit too. (I wouldn't eat a fish out of this water if you paid me.) Dane likes to catch frogs with his sisters help. He won't actually touch one though. He's a real look but don't touch kinda guy.
This is directly across the river from us. It's still pretty deep in the middle. I won't walk across it unless someone else goes first.
Of course I have to throw in pictures of The Great Dane. He wanted to use that "stick" as his fishin pole. We found another one instead.

We are cleaning up the yard today. We are preparing to shingle our roof. The shingles come today but the F Er's won't say when or even estimate when they will come. Sigh, I hate to wait. We also are taking Kadie's old car to the junk yard. One less vehicle in the yard is a good thing:) Let's hope I don't get busted driving it there as it's not registered or inspected. I love to walk the line.
We are also due to get some rain and wind thanks to Earl. Which is why I have a bucket already set up in my room under the hole in the roof. It's also the reason I'm cleaning up the yard and frantically doing laundry. Sometimes we lose power over a little gust of wind.

Everyone out there that's in Earl's way, stay safe and have a great weekend everyone:)
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something to do

This bridge is the one we cross to get to our house. It's in rough shape. It was painted with lead paint and was scheduled to be restored a few years ago but flooding downstate sucked up all the money to fix the bridges. Not that I'm complaining. Once they start on this bridge it will be closed for a year. Then I'll have to drive six or seven miles to another bridge to cross the river and backtrack four miles to get back in town. Then to get back home do the same thing. Except reverse direction.
I'm on my third cup of coffee for the morning so I'm kind of chatty. If you want, go grab a cup. I'll wait for you to get back. Are you back? Hee hee.
The reason I'm showing you the bridge, I know I've showed it to you before, is what's passing UNDER the bridge.
Say Hi everyone. Mommy has the cramra (How Dane says camera) Check out all of those rocks! Aren't they neat?
The night before these pictures were taken Dave and I were behind our house playing around in the river. It's so shallow that Dave, Dane and I decided to see how far we could walk the river. I couldn't bring my camera because I was worried it would get wet. We walked from our house down around a big bend through the rapids and came up behind our neighbors house across the street from us. It took about an hour. We waved to them through their windows as we cut through their yard. We have great neighbors. The girls, upset that they missed the adventure got Dave up bright and early the next morning to take them. Dane and I didn't go. We hung out at the bridge to take pictures. Since then we have been walking the river a few times a week. We were surprised to see how much action it gets from all of the locals. We always see kids swimming and once we saw a family having a picnic on the banks. There are always people fishing or hanging out. I just didn't realize that we had paradise right in out own backyard. Who'd a thunk it?
The only thing you have to be careful of is how deep the water is in some places. Both girls were squealing, "Daddy my butts getting wet, my butts getting wet!" For goodness sakes they are in the river in water. What did they think would happen?
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