Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changes in plans

When we seriously started working on the roof last week we found out we had a situation. My husband, who isn't afraid of heights but doesn't really care for them, has really bad allergies right now. Every time he would get up on the roof he would get dizzy and feel like he was about to fall. Not good when your working so high up off the ground. I offered to go up and work but I can't do what he does. Cause I'm a girl.
So my job was to run the front end loader. Which I'm doing here but can't see. Mimi is the camera girl.

With out Dave to get up on the roof and work we were in trouble. We had a (very very) wonderful neighbor who came over and stripped most of the roof and a friend of Dave's helped out on Saturday. Sunday we knew we were in a world of hurt. We couldn't expect Dave's dad to do all of the work. He had an accident years ago and left his feet and legs in less than perfect shape. Plus he's Dave's dad not a labourer. Feelings of panic have set in at this time and I've been doing the Indian don't rain dance.
On a more wonderful note: My mom bought me two of these bushes last summer. Isn't the blossom lovely? Even if it has roofing material all over it.
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Nell said...

I adore hydrangea.

FishermansDaughter said...

Mmmm hydrangea! Gorgeous...even if it does have roofing crud on it - it occurs to me that's a great metaphor for life - see the flowers not the crud - even though it's there.