Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go Packers!

My husband is from the land of cheese. Other wise know as Wisconsin. So that also makes him a cheesehead. Not that I would ever call him a cheesehead. So to help make him feel at home when he's not I try to get all the Wisconsin stuff I can. So far TJ Max has treated us right. That's where I found Dane's shirt. On a mark down rack for $4. I mean who else is going to buy WI stuff in Maine?
And these lovelies my cousin picked up at our local Goodwill.
Dane doesn't understand that they are too big and it doesn't matter where I hide them he seems to find them.
This is what I should be cleaning today instead of blogging. I promise Desk, that by dinner time you will have a clean surface! It's a good thing that it can't hold its breath.

My FIL made it here safely just before dinner yesterday. The kids were ecstatic to see him. Today after Dave gets home from work they are going to pick up the scaffolding for the house. I can't wait. The hole in my bedroom ceiling is getting larger. Hopefully, weather permitting, we'll get a good start on the roof by the weekend. I'll take some pictures but don't pass out when you see our house. It's a work in progress. We started on the inside first. This year it's the roof and driveway and next year it will be siding. (Money permitting of course)
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Nell said...

Hope you'll have perfect weather this weekend!!!

FishermansDaughter said...

How's the roof and visit with the father-in-law goin?