Friday, September 3, 2010

More River Rocks

Dane and I went out back yesterday to burn off some pre-school energy. His attention span is fifteen minutes on a good day. So I grabbed my camera to show you what the river behind our place looks like right now. On the right you can see where the grass is. The river normally goes to that point but most of the time it's up and over that point.
It is fun to walk around and move rocks to see what you can find. Many years ago people throw their trash in this river. I'm sure their shit too. (I wouldn't eat a fish out of this water if you paid me.) Dane likes to catch frogs with his sisters help. He won't actually touch one though. He's a real look but don't touch kinda guy.
This is directly across the river from us. It's still pretty deep in the middle. I won't walk across it unless someone else goes first.
Of course I have to throw in pictures of The Great Dane. He wanted to use that "stick" as his fishin pole. We found another one instead.

We are cleaning up the yard today. We are preparing to shingle our roof. The shingles come today but the F Er's won't say when or even estimate when they will come. Sigh, I hate to wait. We also are taking Kadie's old car to the junk yard. One less vehicle in the yard is a good thing:) Let's hope I don't get busted driving it there as it's not registered or inspected. I love to walk the line.
We are also due to get some rain and wind thanks to Earl. Which is why I have a bucket already set up in my room under the hole in the roof. It's also the reason I'm cleaning up the yard and frantically doing laundry. Sometimes we lose power over a little gust of wind.

Everyone out there that's in Earl's way, stay safe and have a great weekend everyone:)
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Eleanor said...

Love the river and Dane's infectious smile. :)

Stay safe and dry!!