Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something to do

This bridge is the one we cross to get to our house. It's in rough shape. It was painted with lead paint and was scheduled to be restored a few years ago but flooding downstate sucked up all the money to fix the bridges. Not that I'm complaining. Once they start on this bridge it will be closed for a year. Then I'll have to drive six or seven miles to another bridge to cross the river and backtrack four miles to get back in town. Then to get back home do the same thing. Except reverse direction.
I'm on my third cup of coffee for the morning so I'm kind of chatty. If you want, go grab a cup. I'll wait for you to get back. Are you back? Hee hee.
The reason I'm showing you the bridge, I know I've showed it to you before, is what's passing UNDER the bridge.
Say Hi everyone. Mommy has the cramra (How Dane says camera) Check out all of those rocks! Aren't they neat?
The night before these pictures were taken Dave and I were behind our house playing around in the river. It's so shallow that Dave, Dane and I decided to see how far we could walk the river. I couldn't bring my camera because I was worried it would get wet. We walked from our house down around a big bend through the rapids and came up behind our neighbors house across the street from us. It took about an hour. We waved to them through their windows as we cut through their yard. We have great neighbors. The girls, upset that they missed the adventure got Dave up bright and early the next morning to take them. Dane and I didn't go. We hung out at the bridge to take pictures. Since then we have been walking the river a few times a week. We were surprised to see how much action it gets from all of the locals. We always see kids swimming and once we saw a family having a picnic on the banks. There are always people fishing or hanging out. I just didn't realize that we had paradise right in out own backyard. Who'd a thunk it?
The only thing you have to be careful of is how deep the water is in some places. Both girls were squealing, "Daddy my butts getting wet, my butts getting wet!" For goodness sakes they are in the river in water. What did they think would happen?
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Mama Goose said...

How fabulous to have that wonderful river in your back yard. Where I grew up we spent so much time at the river. I miss it. (but I still love the ocean best!!)