Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday #3

My beautiful girl on the morning of her birthday. She was out of bed by six because she just couldn't wait another minute. I really love this picture. She rarely let's me take her picture but she did here. I took a whole bunch of them because she let me.
For her birthday her daddy drove her to school as a special treat. Later in the day I brought in kitty cat cupcakes that we made for her class. It's been a long time since I've seen this kid look so happy and carefree. I wanted to bottle it. This past few years has really taken the child out of her. We've really been working hard at bringing her life around.
See the joy of opening the BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!
This guy here is responsible for that. He gave her his Nintendo DS. She didn't care that it wasn't the newest one or that it was used.
Kadie and I bought her a bunch of used games to go with it. She is a very happy girl.
Since we are REALLY sick of birthday cake......We just had a small one. There's just enough left for me to send to the neighbors house for them to have with their lunch. I think next year we're going to combine all the parties into one and call it good.
I don't want to see another birthday cake until we bake one for Jesus birthday.
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MamaGoose said...

Such beautiful pictures!! Happy end of the birthdays!!!

FishermansDaughter said...

Holy shiz the thing about the DS made me bawl my face off and screams KEEPER!