Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Trips

We've had a beautiful fall this year. I know I've said that already but I'm saying it again. Just like our summer, perfect. Now that the cold weather is starting to set in and I'm in the house wondering if I should turn the heat up, I have a little bit of time for reflection. Okay, a lot of time for reflection since it's like pulling teeth to get me outside when it's cold.
Over the past month Dane and I have been going to work with Dave one or two days a week. He let's me know where he's going and if he's heading to the coast or the mountains Dane and I ride with him. After I pop a few dramine and put on my wrist bands.
A few weeks ago we went to Mt. Desert Island. While Dave worked, Dane and I picnicked (is that spelled correctly) and played. It was on a week day so no one was really around. We has such a nice time playing and throwing rocks into the water. I've been trying to teach Dane to skip rocks but it's not working out well.
We also went to Jonesport and visited some friends. I forgot my camera that day and I was crushed. For some reason I always seem to forget my camera when I go there. Our friends live right on the beach in a little cape that was moved to the location it's in now during the early 1800's. They moved there on big raft across the ocean. I can't even descibe the views she just takes for granted. Of course if she wants to go shopping she has to drive two hours on old roads just to get to Bangor. So while I envy her, I just don't envy too much.

You know the funny thing? When I moved from Maine many years ago I said I would never come back and I didn't care if I ever saw a tree, leaf, hill or mountain ever again. And here I am, loving every minute of it.
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