Thursday, October 28, 2010

Down by the Riber

Dane and I visited the riber down back today. (For some reason Dane changes V's to B's) We hadn't been out back in quite awhile and when he ran down the path he almost ran straight into the water! As he skidded to a stop he demanded to know where all of his big rocks went! We've had some heavy rain and the river has risen considerably.
So instead of finding rocks to chuck into the water Dane found sticks. We spent a long time throwing stuff in the water. I don't know if he'll ever tire of it. A few times I thought I was going to have to fish him out but thankfully he only got his pants and feet wet.

He always goes for the biggest stick he can find. That's how he ends up in the water. I can never get pictures of that part because every time he'd start to slide in the water I'd set my camera down and start after him.
It's a beautiful day today, it's almost seventy outside. One more perfect day before the cold sets in. One last day a little boy gets to pull off his pants and shoes and run barefoot through the grass.
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FishermansDaughter said...

WTH is it with boys and sticks? Mine ( 8, & 12) have a collection. <3 the last pic - Run Dane, RUN!!

MamaGoose said...

WTH is with this drastic change in weathah? I'm so glad you got to make the most of it yesterday!