Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love Sundays

I love Sundays. We get up and go to Church, do some grocery shopping for the week and come home and lay around all afternoon.
There truly is something special about being home on a Sunday afternoon with your husband and all of the kids. Either everyone is laughing or everyone is crying. The dog is barking and the cats are attacking our feet as we walk  by them. It doesn't matter that you know the cats are laying in wait for you to walk by so that they can jump out and claw the delicate skin on the top of your feet you ALWAYS forget at the last minute and get attacked as you go trucking by.
Today hasn't been as lazy as I would have liked it to be. First I had to go to second service instead of first because I had a meeting directly after Church about a midweek program that's starting up. I'm going to be a leader of children. It always amazes me when the directer puts me in charge of a bunch of children. I always roll my eyes and laugh and ask her if she is sure she doesn't just want me to paint scenery or something. She never does.
Also Marians field hockey was on Sunday this week. So Dave and all the kids went to field hockey and then Dave took them all to work for an hour with him.
My father in law also left today to drive back to Wisconsin. We had the best ever visit with him. Actually much visiting didn't get done, he worked his arse off while he was here. He helped with the roof, painted the walls and ceiling of my hall and ran electrical to the barn to hook up the welder he got Dave a few years ago.
We only had one colorful moment (usually he and I end up screaming at each other if we are in a room together more than twenty minutes) when Marian asked me what the (gulp) N word meant. I told her as best as I could and how awful of a word that it was and nobody should ever say it. When my darling husband came home from work that evening I quickly asked him to go out to the wood stove to check the fire with me. (My code for OMG I have to talk to you in private RIGHT NOW) I told him what happened and how I handled it with Marian. I also told him that I didn't say anything to his dad and we agreed that would be best. (truly it was best) After Dave thought for a minute he said to me,"Well you know how you always say the school's here are awful?" "Yeah?" I say. "Well at least she didn't hear it at school."
When I got home from Church I cleaned the room my father in law had just vacated opened a window and lit a candle. Then I proceeded to paint some of the trim work in the hall while listening (and singing) to raunchy music that I can't listen to when the kids are home. It was very relaxing.
Now the family is home, football is on, Dane's in the bathroom hollering to anyone that can wipe him,"I'm done!!!" And chicken is baking in the oven. I think I'll wonder out in the kitchen and make an apple crisp.
I hope your Sunday is as lovely as mine. 


Mama Goose said...

My Saturday was pretty lovely!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

Mmmm, apple crisp.....

FishermansDaughter said...

I had a cozy chicken Sunday too! Perdue Chicks were 4 for $20. @ the Shaws by us - I normally buy only organic but couldn't pass the bargain up. I noticed the difference in not as plump, not as fresh, not as good, but the kids didn't. WIN. After I made Chocolate Chip cookies. Fall is here! Do you kids have their costumes picked out yet?