Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Yesterday I finally made time to take the kids to pick out pumpkins. We set up at the kitchen table to gut our pumpkin friends. I swear it get harder and harder every year for me to stick my hand in and touch that slime. This was Dane's first pumpkin that he got to help with. He was so proud of himself. I swear I love that kid so much. He just makes my heart swell.
Mimi didn't want any help but did let me explain to her that it was hard for her to cut because her knife was upside down. See the green glass next to Mimi? It's full of grasshopper made with ice cream. I had three of them yesterday afternoon. I really was happy that Mimi didn't cut herself seeing as her mum was half drunk.
She did an awesome job carving out her friend. Usually we get a knife slip and our pumpkins look deformed. Not that it would matter I guess.
Chrissy decided to go with a pattern and it came out quite well. I swear her pumpkin had more guts than all of the others combined. She scraped and pulled for twenty minutes before I gave in and helped her.
We had a nice afternoon. While we were carving Dave was making apple pies. He used a Paula Dean recipe and the pie was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
Today we are hanging out cleaning up some and I'm getting ready to put a beef stew on. I'm hoping to get some energy up and start doing something with the stairs. I was going to put them off till tomorrow but the girls have to go to the orthodontist in the morning so that pretty much blows our day. If you don't hear from me until Wednesday you know I got the stick out of my arse and started getting some work done!
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FairyLover said...

Awesome pumpkins. We hope to get to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.


FishermansDaughter said...

Oh I can't take punkin guts either - even the smell makes me retch so my kids haven't ever carved...even though I ask them if they want to every year - thank goodness they say no.
I love regional sayings, "up the stowah" is to the grocery here.

MamaGoose said...

Looks like a perfectly lovely day. We did ours too. Maybe I'll have to dust off the blog and post some pics.

carsick said...

Mama Goose, I think you sgould dust off the blog. I miss reading....