Saturday, October 30, 2010

Right this minute

I've finally finished sanding the stairs. I started a week ago doing it by hand but since Dave and the kids are out of town for the weekend I moved up to a sander.
But because I'm a dingbat I didn't take anything out of the hallway. My mom's in heaven right now and her head is spinning like something from a horror movie.
Sometimes I do these things and just don't think it through.
I didn't even shut the doors going into the other rooms and so my mess spread everywhere. The only good part about it is the rest of the family won't be home until tomorrow afternoon.

I'm almost ready to put the first coat of paint on. I had to fill in a few spots and when they're dry I'll give them a quick sand, vacuum and a wipe. Then I'll paint. My goal is to have the first coat on by 1pm so I can do the second coat today. My stomach already has butterflies about the paint color. The color scares me, when I saw the paint sample wet it looked purple, now it just looks dark.
I'll take pictures after the first coat and post them and you can chew your nails with me. Until then I'm going to guzzle some more coffee and get to work.
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