Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What it really means

Yesterday I had planned a huge cleaning day and I was well under way by 10:30. After all I had been up since 4:45. I was even almost done the huge mountain of laundry. I just had one bedspread and three loads of towels to wash when I realized I wasn't going to have enough laundry soap. Crap.
So I put some shoes on the Danester and told him we were going over town to the store. Side note: Over town is when you live in town and are running over to the local store or post office etc. To town is getting on the interstate. Very important to know this when you live here in Cow town. Anyway, Dane started in saying he didn't want to go and we shouldn't walk we should drive. Since it was a lovely day I told him we'll walk and it will make him feel good to get out in the sun.
That was when he told me his tummy had a sore throat. I made him walk anyway.
By the time we got to the store I knew we should have driven. He was crying pathetically. I grabbed some laundry soap and we started heading for home. I couldn't carry him because I thought if I made his tummy bumpy he might get sick. I just held his little hand and walked him as fast as I could. We made it to the bridge so we were almost home. I was in the middle of telling him what a good, big boy he was and when again he said his tummy had a sore throat and vomited. We didn't miss a beat. I grabbed a tissue from my pocket wiped his face and kept walking him. The whole time telling him what a big boy he was and we were almost home. Poor little lamb. He was so sick all afternoon. It was a good thing I bought more laundry soap.....
The moral of the story is: When your child tells you his tummy has a sore throat it really means I'm going to blow chunks.
Right now Dane is hanging with his bff Trapper and begging me to let him watch Iron Man. Let's hope the day brings no more sore throats.

PS My neighbor just called and told me she was walking over town to the post offive and some beast had puked on the bridge!!!!!! OMG I can't stop laughing!!!!! I didn't tell her it was Dane! I guess I should have went back with a bucket of water.
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MamaGoose said...

Hope he's feeling MUCH better now!

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Sorry Dane is sick-Get Well Quick Kiddo!!!

And the "beast on the bridge" comment- howling with laughter!!!Yep, I think I just peed a little. (P.S. I wouldn't have confessed either.) :)

FishermansDaughter said...

Oh NOESS! Hope he's feeling better.

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