Monday, October 18, 2010

What I've got done

Okay, I'll come clean with you. I should have had this project finished up a few weeks ago but I've been dragging arse. As usual I've been procrastinating. This had been a real bitch of a job. The trim work alone is taking forever and the ceilings... Forget about it! The ceilings are painted a bright white semi gloss from Sherwin Williams and the walls are a Butter Cookie from Sherwin Williams. The trim an even whiter white but I can't be bothered to remember any more names. There has been some repair work also. If you look at the trim to the right of the ladder you'll see the brown splotch. That piece of board was all messed up at that end (why they would use it is beyond me) so I had to fill it in. Once you put on a thin layer you have to wait an hour and do another thin layer. I waited a week in between layers to make sure it was good and hard. Hee hee I said hard. I still have a final coat of paint on that part of the trim. The stairs still have to be stripped and painted. I'm painting them a colour (yet to be decided upon) to match as close to the railing as I can. The back splash on the stairs will be white also.
I wanted you to see how high the ceiling is here in the stairway. My father in law painted the ceiling and walls here. It was ugly. We used that ladder and a step ladder balanced on the last step and the top of the stairs and put a long piece of wood between them.
I had to use the same thing to paint the trim around the window. I tell you it was some scary. I also am going to replace the lights in the hall. I was thinking about black sconces. Also when I was out and about I found a huge (I mean HUGE) black trimmed picture frame that I think would look awesome on that back wall. I didn't buy it yet but I think I'm going to.
Here is the view of another part of the hall. It has a curved wall and I desperately need help decorating it. I haven't a clue what to do with it. Any ideas? PLEASE!?
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FishermansDaughter said...

Madness. Absolute MADNESS. and I'm not even afraid of heights.
GREAT JOB! Hope you treat yourself to something ultra indulgent and decadent as your reward. If you saw my house - you'd never ask for decorating ideas - lol

KimberlyDi said...

I've seen a pretty collage before on a space similar to that. The lady collected crosses and she had them spaced perfectly. It took talent that i don't have.

Your color choices are beautiful! Good work.

MamaGoose said...

I just threw up thinking about having to get up that high...

Love the color. I think I saw the same collage as Kimberly did. Something like that would look great on that wall. I love curved walls...

Stacy D. Briefing said...

LOVE the yellow -absolutely yummy and the white trim. Also love the idea of dark brown stairs. Perfection!

My input is, I'd put a small (42" or less" round table there in the curve. You could put a lovely large vase/floral arrangement, or sculpture, or framed family photots on it. Can't wait to see how it turns out and your decision! Have I mentioned I just LOVE home decor/reno projects- even if their not mine....yep, I'm a sad little dork.. :)