Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bank Robber

                       This is Bank Robber. Otherwise known as Robbie. He is the coolest horse ever.
This is Robbie with his owner. She took me to meet him last week. He's a very important part of her life. His owner (hee hee) always wanted a horse when she was little. She never out grew it.
So she saved and saved and saved.
And bought Robbie.
The nicest horse I've ever met.
I had no idea what the responsibility of having a horse was. As much as I loved him, I know I could never care for a horse. I just pray my kids don't get horse-itus. Then something might have to change. Until then, I'll just be Robbie's Aunt.
Robbie likes spiced wafers. And so do I.
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FishermansDaughter said...

AWW! Good for her. Speaking from personal experience - horse-itus is an affliction from birth (odder still NO ONE else in my immediate or extended family is even remotely interested in horses or anything "farmy"), so you can probably breath a sigh of relief. If none of the kids have it by now, they probably won't. What was something you dreamed about as a child? Did it come true?