Monday, November 8, 2010

Big Dog Down

Last night Z had Trapper out running. Trapper, excited to be out even though it was raining, was doing his usual spastic dance. During this dance he hurt himself.
We still aren't sure where he's hurt. I think he may have pulled a muscle in his thigh. He made it in the house crying like a baby. Ever hear a dog cry? It can make you cry. Poor thing. Three times during the night he woke me up because he was crying. I ran downstairs to see what I could do for him. All three times he had moved to a different room and it was painful for him to walk.
When Chrissy and I got up at 5:15 he was sprawled out on the rug. I had to coax him to eat and go outside. He wasn't limping, just walking funny.
When Dane got up we had to tell him he couldn't maul the dog for awhile. So far I have had to tell him NO LESS than one hundred times to stay off the dog.
After breakfast though said dog got into the garbage and spread it out all over the kitchen floor. So he can't be too hurt.
I was going to call the vet but have decided to wait a few days and see how he does. Right now he's laying in the dining room. He looks like he's dead. Every time I walk by him his eyes are open and he doesn't look at me so I have to stop and nudge him with my foot. I think that this whole thing is a ploy for more attention. Little does he know I'm awesome at the ignoring game.


MamaGoose said...

Poor Trapper!!! Hope he's feeling better soon!

FishermansDaughter said...

Oh noes! Get well soon Trapper.