Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Work with Dad

Dane and I played hookie again and went to work with Dave this afternoon. We really need to stop doing this. I'm so far behind on housework I may never come up for air. And Dane, if I don't get busy teaching him EFGH he'll never learn to read.
Speaking of reading, it's what I do while I wait for Z to be finished. (Z will be the name for my husband from here out)
Today I read the Uncle Henry's a buy swap book that comes out once a week.
While I read, Dane rips the truck apart. I'll leave you with some pictures of him from this afternoon. These would be the aftermath.

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MamaGoose said...

Uncle Henry's makes me crazy.

D is too efffin' C.U.T.E! I'd be napping waiting for Z too!

FishermansDaughter said...

I cannot believe how fricking adorabawl! Dane is. Oh how I miss my littles. House work will be there when you get home - unless you have brownies - and if you do send 'em my way asap.