Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iron Man Strikes Again

I'm not sure if I told everyone about my son's obsession with Iron Man. (My brain is toast today) He wears his Iron Man costume everywhere. Except to Church. I had to draw the line somewhere. Even though everyone tells me I should just let him.Right now his costume is ripped all around the seams in the waist and I need to suck it up and sew it back together. I've been cruising websites looking for a new costume that won't break the bank.

On Christmas day my son opened this gift from our neighbor. It's Iron Mans hand that shoots the beams. (Or laser or whatever the heck you call it) After that he was blind to any other gift. (I was going to go to the neighbors and beat her but I didn't)
What happened to my baby? My last child? My only son? The fruit of our loins?
Now all he does is run around the house firing missiles at me when I tell him no. He hides under the table and pings off the cats. He hides behind the doors to nail us as we walk by. His latest is to lay in wait in the shower and when you go to get in the shower and pull the curtain back he shoots you in the head. This boy is getting too big for his britches.
But he still can't fit into his daddy's shoes.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Wow - he is getting SO big. Love the shoes piccy. Are you guys getting any of the warmer weather? It was GORGEOUS here today, in the 40s bright sunshine. I was outside and got sunburned - even tho I wore sunscreen. Crazy.

Happiest of Happy New Years to You OXOX