Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's the little things

One of the best things about visiting my sister is the soap she has in her bathrooms. I know I'm weird. I can't help it. It doesn't matter if it's the bathroom at camp or at home. She always has cool soap.
I keep telling myself that someday I'm going to have cool soap. Soap to take garden dirt off my hands. Soap with little hard things in it to scrub all the gunk off. Soap that doesn't come in a squirt bottle and reeks of watermelon or strawberries.
I also have the green meanies in her kitchen. Her coffee is something I, at home, have to drive a long way for. AND she has a cookbook stand. What a novel idea, a place to put your cookbook so you can read it without spilling food all over it. Imagine that.
I'm telling you people. it most certainly wasn't a hardship to go visit her by myself without any kids.
When I came home from our visit and looked around at our old and very nonfunctional farm house kitchen I had to pray and ask God to please make me happy with what I have and not be envious of the little things. (I really loved that soap)
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MamaGoose said...

I'm a soap slut myself...

FishermansDaughter said...

Aw honey - I know EXACTLY how that feels. Hype lives in a "House Beautiful" house less than one block from an exclusive beach.

I live in a dilapidated farm house in the middle of NH woods with no heat in the upstairs and one (out of 3) working bathroom.


At least we have fancy relatives that let us come to visit.