Saturday, December 25, 2010


I have not a clue to where my camera is. Chaos has taken over our home.

We were so busy this past week that I haven't been able to blog. I've been going to bed early and just as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out cold. I wake up at 5:15 (I don't need an alarm anymore)to get ready for the day. Even when we don't have to wake up I'm waking up.

I'm finally getting over what ever germ that infected my body. I was on the mend it seemed two weeks ago and I tried to do a full day of Christmas shopping and it set me back to square one. I didn't finish my shopping until this past Monday and then Dave did most of it. (He also spent three hours wrapping with me yesterday. I gave him all the odd shaped things.) Thank goodness he helped me or I never would have finished any of it. Monday we were in a store and he asked me what I had purchased for one of the kids and I went to look at my list and I had left my list in the car in another city. I was beside myself. I couldn't remember one thing I had purchased. I fell apart and sat in the truck like a little baby while he shopped. Z deserves an award for putting up with me sometimes. This happened to be one of those times.

When I finally pulled myself together and got back to my car and looked at the list, I (as in Z) had purchased everything I needed to.

A few weeks ago Marians teacher had asked me to come into the class this week and make melted snowman cookies with the class. I did and we had so much fun. Marian was truly blessed with her teacher this year. She is awesome.

Friday Kadie came up in the afternoon and we decorated sugar cookies then went to Church. We had a nice Christmas Eve and I was so tired that I went to bed at 8:30. Kadie and I woke up at 5:15 this morning (go figure) and had to wait for the other kids to get up at 7am. I thought I was going to have to wake the little monkeys up. Of course they didn't disappoint us with their antics opening gifts. At least this wasn't Ali and Frasier  kind of day. No fist fighting at all. Just alot of jumping up and down and squealing. Which in some ways is worse.

As our year is coming to a close I have to be thankful. It has been a relatively uneventful year. More ups than downs. We are still mourning my mom and it was hard today to not sit and cry. But I didn't and the kids talked about her off and on without shedding any tears. So we are healing.

 One week from today we will be into a new year. I can't wait. Changes are coming. My sister leaves for Afghanistan in the next few weeks and I wish I could see her again before she goes but there just isn't time. The kids and I are already praying for her safety. Marians class is going to write her letters to keep her from being too lonely. I bet she'll look forward to getting them each month. How can you not love the writing of a bunch of forth graders? lol

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone I hope your day was as special as mine.

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FishermansDaughter said...

(HUG) Glad you had a good Christmas and are feeling better and there were no tears. We're supposed to get between 1 - 2 FEET of snow, it's just now starting to flurry. I'm off to check the generator, buy gas, load up the h20 reserves down the barn. We'll have to meet in the middle some day! OX FD