Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Something to think about

You may be wondering why my cats are sitting on the TV stand staring at the wall. You may also be wondering why Dane is wearing twenty zillion layers of clothing with a mask on his face. I can't tell you why Dane is doing what he's doing but I can tell you about the cats.

You see, behind the wall are squirrels. Running squirrels. Scratching squirrels. Squirrels that are going to die if they ever expose themselves around the cats. Because let me tell you, those two cats, they are on patrol.

Scooter is the coon cat and Butterscotch is the yellow one. Scooter is ten years old and just like one of the kids. Scotch, well he took a little longer to love but we really do love him now. He's a natural born killer. He kills everything he can and leaves the guts for me. Then he goes and poops out bones and such in the litter box and smells up the ENTIRE basement.

Today we had some very disturbing news. Both Z and Chrissy went to the doctor. They have different doctors but both doctors said the same thing. You don't have sinus infections, you have horrible allergies. Probably to your cats. Get rid of them. Well, they didn't say get rid of them but that's what they meant. I know it and I've been crying ever since.

How do you get rid of something you've had and loved for ten years? Or even three years or six months. I can't I just can't.
I think I'm allergic to my kids. I really am. They give me massive headaches, make me itch (when they bring home lice) they cause confusion and anger BUT I WOULDN'T GIVE THEM AWAY!!!!!!

Darn just what we didn't need to deal with right now.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Funny kid - GORGEOUS kitteys! Holy Hell I know I'm being Queen Obvious but, the allergy news and squirrel invasion is a giant shit sandwich. Been there for both. Wish I had a great solution for either. The only thing I've found to consistently work for the squirrels are a combo of precisely aimed loaded pellet gun, hungry feral yard cats with a taste for the grey meat and pipe traps (too small to trap kitteys) loaded with yummies squirrels can't walk away from like p-nut butter. Never did find anything that made my cat allergies one bit less - except no cats in the house. *sad face* and hug.

KimberlyDi said...

I was diagnosed with cat allergies and was instantly better when we went from a house with carpet to a house with ceramic tile. Allergy doctor recommended weekly baths for the cats to help with the animal dander. Outside is a 2nd option. Our cat prefers it there too. She's always begging to go out. But they don't live as long that way. Is there anyway you can make a "kitty door" from outside to the basement so that they could get out of the elements without being indoors?

MamaGoose said...

Yes, shit sandwich indeed. Sorry on all accounts. Would the kitties tolerate the barn as an option? :(