Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye 2010

This past year was pretty tame compared to some of our years. We slowed down in some areas and sped up in others. At least no-one close to us died this year. That is always a bonus.
The weather was so made of awesome yesterday that we spent most of the day outside. AND GUESS WHAT!? Trapper is not on a leash! He stayed with us the entire time! I know he's probably scamming something and as soon as I let my guard down he'll be back to chasing cars. The bugger. We sure did have a great time with him though.
Christina bought this hat on her own when she was in Boston. I love it. BUT- if I had bought this for her she would have turned her nose up at it and said I'm not wearing that thing. Why don't you put a blinking light on my head.
Nothing any more precious than a little boy with rosy cheeks that's ready for some cocoa and a nap. I thought for sure that after playing outside all day yesterday that he would wet the bed last night. He didn't. Yea me! (and him)

We stayed home last night. It was the first year the girls stayed up to watch the ball drop. We ordered Chinese food and watched movies while wishing midnight would hurry up and come so we could go to sleep. Mims is so grouchy today that I wanted to lock her outside so she'd stop making my brain thump. I sent all the kids upstairs at 7:30. Mom and dad need some quiet time.

I went to bed last night so happy. When I got up this morning I was all alone and I jumped on face book with my cup of coffee and proceeded to settle in to read every one's posts. I immediately read something that hurt my feelings. Now my feelings don't get hurt too easily. I'm pretty cool with letting things slide but this I couldn't. It just made me realise that I just don't fit in anywhere. I had hoped to leave THAT feeling behind in the seventh grade. By the time Z got up I had wound myself up so much that I wanted to sell the house and leave Maine. Or at least move to where I had no close family because I don't even fit in with my family.
When I finally told Z what was wrong (I'm sure he was thankful to find out it wasn't him.) he said he understood and felt the same way I did but we needed to move past it and understand that it's just me and him. I so want my mom to talk to right now so I can cry on her shoulder. I cleaned the Christmas storage area with such a ferociousness while praying at the same time that Mims asked me if I was mad at God. It took me a minute and I started to laugh. How silly I must have looked to her. I was ranting and raving while wielding the wet and dry vac. What a loon! It also made me realise that even though my feelings were hurt I was hurting my family more by acting crazy. So I finished up what I was doing and came upstairs with a new tude.
The rest of the day was spent helping Kadie out. She's sick with what I had so Z and I went to her house and cleaned. She didn't know that's what we were going to do. She thought we were just dropping something off and leaving. I even cleaned her cats litter box. ICK!!!!

I don't know what the year will bring but I didn't make any resolutions. That way I won't be upset when I can't fulfil them. I have a bunch of wants to do and I'm just going to stick to that for now. I hope everyone had a great night last night, whether you went out and partied, stayed home and snuggled or just went to bed! It's a new year and everyday of it is a new beginning.
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Anonymous said...

Oh my friend, you crack me up. You are real, no false pretenses... what joy that brings me. I am so glad that God brought our paths together! Happy New Year! Excited for the plans God has already laid out for us. ~Dawn
p.s. Any idea why your updated posts do not show on my blog? It shows the most recent blog is from 2 yrs ago?? Hmmmmm

FishermansDaughter said...

LOVE the pics. I do the same thing w/ "wants" vs resolutions. So glad we connected - long live the interwebs! oxFD