Monday, January 17, 2011

So much to say and too lazy to write it.

We had a real humdinger of a storm last week. Right in the middle of it I asked Z to go for a walk with me so I cold take some pictures. I'm not a photographer by any means and my pictures really are sub par at best.We got as far as the bridge before I whipped out my camera and started shooting. Of course Dave was my first target. He really likes that. It doesn't look too bad out.
When you see this picture it looks like I'm just snapping a picture of, well the outside.
But I'm not. I'm on the bridge and I'm taking a picture of the water. You just can't see it because of the snow and wind. We didn't walk much further than that. My cheeks were cold.
After we came back to the house Z started plowing and I came in and started making these babies. The picture is awful. They looked more appealing than this. Really they did! I thought they would be hard to make. They weren't. Easy peazy lemon squeezey. Next time though I'm going to use pudding instead of just whipped cream. Delicious.

In other news, today I'm going to take a quick trip and spend the night down in Portland with my husband. He's leaving to go to Vegas in the morning and getting a room tonight down south so he won't have to be up at 1am to make the plane. I'm going down to shack up with him for the night. Yea me!
I know, I know. Why aren't I going with him? Well, it's like this....... He asked me to go and I said yes until I saw how long the flight is. Oh MY WORD. I would be a basket case. By the time that plane landed I would have befriended all of the passengers on that plane. Even the ones that didn't want to talk to me would have been forced to. My nervous talking (that combined with my pills so I won't puke) would have had everyone on board wanting to open the door and push me out. When I brought this point up to Z he just laughed and said probably. That man loves me. He does.
So I'm staying home with my feet on the ground. Except for tonight when I'm going to to romance my love before he leaves.
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FishermansDaughter said...

HAVE A BLAST! *putting on Barry White* LOL! BTW and I'm sure you know but, they have pills that quell "nervous too talkie" thing. I know because I used to take 'em. Work a charm!! Something to think about for next time maybe.

my word is resses

I sure do love me some resses pesses!

ps I LIKE your piccys

Mama Goose said...

What is the yummy looking thing?

Hope you and Z had fun! ; )

carsick said...

Its a cream puff:) Yum
Z and I had an awesome time. I almost wish I would have went to Vegas with him.