Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SO Thankful

Not that long ago (six years) the main door to our house opened up into our dining room. Bringing in all the dirt and cold. It drove me crazy. I thought who would ever put a door in the dining room when you have a door in the kitchen. Side note- the door in the kitchen was boarded up when we moved in and at this point it still was. I also didn't know that at one time my kitchen was part of the barn.
There used to be dark panneling on all of the walls. I pulled it off on an Easter Sunday (another side note-this picture is also on an Easter Sunday.) when a piece of the panneling came up and I got curious and stuck my hand behind the panneling and it came out black. After all of our guests left I ripped off the panneling and bleached. We actually ended up ripping out all of the drywall, insulating and re-drywalling the room. It was an awful mess.
This is what the flooring looked like. My sister scrubbed the crap out of it when we moved in. The water just kept getting dirtier and then we realized that the floor was in such awful shape that she wasn't just washing dirt she was washing up to floor itself. At this point we should have put the house back on the market and run for our lives.
The dog is Riley. I hated that dog. Yeah I know its a strong word but I did. He was the nastiest little shit you've ever met. I did a happy dance when he was struck by a car and killed. He belonged to Kadies friend Inge. She cried like a baby when he died. Sometimes there is no accounting for taste.
We lived in total chaos for years (Idon't know how many but it seemed like forever) before we could finally afford to fix walls and floors.

We started out by fixing the basement first. Replacing the oil burner for a new more efficient one, adding an outdoor wood boiler and then radient heat. We got rid of the forced hot air that made us all cough and sneeze and put in baseboard heat. We poured a basement floor and put cleanspace over the granite walls that let all of the cold and rodents. It was a huge expense. (The first Feb. I lived in the house, Dave was still in Florida, we went through a 250 gallon tank of oil in NINE days. Can you say Crap> Crap on a stick?)

What all of this means right now? It means I am so thankful that our house is warm. As the weather starts to get colder and colder, our floors are warm. At least everywhere but the kitchen, but soon we'll tackle the last bedroom and insulate and then we'll finally be warm in every room. The heat in the kitchen goes straight up into the unfinished room above it and out the roof.

I started the new year off bitchy. It seems that I start many things off that way and it's time for me to do something different. (I was going to say a change, but I want to put money in my pocket not take it out of my pocket) So this week I am going to head over to the local community college and look into taking a class or maybe even two. After all, my kids can't be the only ones that grow.
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MamaGoose said...

I'm just catching up on your posts - For some reason, your updates don't show up in my Reader. Argh! I'm sorry I'm so behind...

A few random thoughts:
I'm so happy you had a nice Christmas and 2011 is off to a good start.
I want to punch the person that hurt your feelings on FB (I hope it wasn't me...?)
Riley does look like a nasty little shit.
Z and Daddy-O are saints I tell ya. I can't believe D puts up with me sometimes...
Your girls get more gorgeous daily.
Dane is SO effin big - Make him STOP this growing stuff please.
Please do something that will make YOU grow. You deserve it. I love this idea and just might do it too.
Happy New Year my friend. I hope it is a bright one for us all.

FishermansDaughter said...

Parallel lives sistah, parallel lives! Especially when it comes to the house, little shit dogs and reupping on our ed-u-ma-ka-shun. What classes are you thinking about taking?
My word is snesting - snuggly nesting?