Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon

Z and I came down with the flu last Thursday. During the entire time we've been married we have never been sick at the same time.  Its been awful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You know its vacation when.....

Your son gets sick right as your deciding to go to North Carolina. Instead of taking your son to the doctor (you know that pesky no insurance thing) you decide to wait it out and see. And maybe I waited it out just a tad bit too long and he ended up with two double ear infections. Where if you would have sucked it up and taken him when he first got sick it would have been a normal ear infection. If only he would tell me when his ears hurt......Since he only has been on one antibiotic we don't know if he is going to have the same allergies as his sisters have. This means that for forty-eight hours someone has to stay awake and make sure he doesn't have an allergic reaction. Thank goodness we nixed the North Carolina trip.
I asked the doctor to give us an antibiotic in the pill form. All the other kids could swallow pills by their first birthdays so why wouldn't he be able to? That was my very first mistake. We spent more time fighting trying to get that damn pill down his throat. We lost an entire days worth the first night because he kept spitting them back at me. It was ugly I tell you UGLY. By the next day I thought I'd be slick and open the capsules and sprinkle the stuff in applesauce. Which probably would have been fine if the medicine didn't taste like a cross between cat pee and pesticides. After trying to hide this in several different foods, Dane stopped eating anything I'd make for him.
Sunday rolls around and I called the doctors office where the lovely and understanding resident calls us in a prescription for a liquid.
Which Dane gives a thumbs up to.
Not really we posed him this morning for the picture. I have to bribe him with Popsicles at every dose.
A mother has to do what a mother has to do.
Sunday night Z and I thought we'd finally get a decent nights sleep. After all, Dane cried all night Thursday night, I had to stay awake all night Friday and Saturday. (This wasn't hard to do because Dane moaned and groaned a whole bunch. Not to mention the one time I fell asleep, only for a minute, and he got up and went into the bathroom to pee and peed in the cabinet underneath the sink) It wasn't hard to stay awake. So Sunday I made a fab dinner and got the kids in bed early and Z and I went up to bed and fell asleep right away only to be awaken to the sounds of retching. Now Marian has it. And as usual I'm taking the wait and see approach but this time I keep saying if your ears feel funny you let me know right away!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not much to report

So we went with Z yesterday and there really wasn't much to take pictures of. We were on main roads and everything looks the same. I do love water though. When its cold out and you look at it, it looks so beautiful and cold at the same time. You think how beautiful but Damn I don't want to fall off this bridge into it. (Then you punch your husband in the arm as he makes the truck swerve to freak you out)
I think its cool how Maine has little islands. When I was a child I always wanted to live on one. All alone. I probably would last a half a night all by myself but when I was little it sure sounded good. I would daydream about my little house and cooking my meals and sitting by a fire. ALL ALONE. I don't remember how I got my food or my house built but hey I was only ten.
If your from Maine than you've at least heard of Red's Eats. To be perfectly honest with you I have never eaten there.
People stand in line sometimes for hours to get a lobster roll and an ice cream cone. Not me. I don't wait for food. At least not more that twenty minutes. lol Also (I hope I don't get booted from Maine now) I don't like lobster rolls. They are disgusting. Lobsters, mayo shoved in a hot dog roll. EWWWW. I like my lobster soaking in a vat of butter thank you. And then I only like it once a year. If that.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Dane got the movie Transformers for his birthday from his big sister. She also got him the Bee? Costume. He officially doesn't just like Iron Man anymore. Thank you Baby Jesus. Thank you.

Dane is finally feeling better. Today he woke up dry. Thank goodness cause he was in my bed. Yesterday was a day full of coughing til we vomit and bloody noses. I like yesterday, today, because its over.

The skies are clear and bright its still colder than hedoubletoothpicks out but I'll take it. The days are getting longer soon my daffodils will be pushing their way through the snow. (Not over-eager am I?)

This morning, soon, if I can get my butt moving, little man and I are heading out with Z to the coast. I put fresh batteries in my camera and hopefully I'll get some pictures. I'm not going to take anti-puke pills today and we are going to see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for
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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Birthday Valentine

Today is the Great Dane's Birthday. What a better Valentine could a mom ask for right? Now according to Z he'll never have to get me another Valentine. So not fair. I didn't want my son to be born on Valentine's Day. His due date was the ninth. Some how I knew I'd end up having him on the fourteenth.
We had a very small party for Dane yesterday. My youngest has a bad cold. We had to wake him up to open his gifts and sing Happy Birthday. Don't you just hate when yor kids are sick? I'd do anything to make them fel better quickly.
Not even his Iron Man cake impressed him yesterday. He ate one bite and pushed it away.
I also keep forgetting to make an appointment for him to get his hair cut. He looks like a ragamuffin. But he's my little ragamuffin and I love him so much. I can't believe how much he's grown and now I truly don't have a baby anymore. Happy Birthday Dane!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Saturday Morning

So this morning Dane wet the bed. I cleaned him up and stuck him in bed with me to try and get him to sleep awhile longer. He's coming down with Marian's cold. As he lay next to me face to face he came in to lay a special kiss on me and coughed. Not just any cough but one from deep inside and full of ick. Nice, just nice.

BTW a special kiss is a kiss on the crook of your nose. After him trying to kiss me like a daddy kisses a mommy, I made up a thing where God made this special place on mommies faces for little boys to kiss. Whatever works.

Then awhile later, I'm on my way into the bathroom to get the dirty laundry and go pee and felt a massive sneeze coming on. (You know what this means.... Forty plus years old, overweight, and four kids) I run for the flush and just as I sit down I sneeze. That would be a good thing, right? Wrong. I was in such a hurry I didn't look at the toilet seat. Dane was the last one in the bathroom and didn't lift the lid and peed all over the seat.

I'm thinking that it's a good thing that boys birthday is on Monday and he has a few get off the hook for free cards available.

So how's your day going?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Beauty of it all

Winters can be harsh here in Maine. I suppose they can be harsh anywhere it gets cold out. Unfortunately this winter has been one of the worst we've had in a few years. I can't stand temperatures below zero. Maybe if our old house wasn't drafty. Actually drafty isn't the word I should use. Down right cold in our house is what I should have said. When you get up in the morning and it's only fifty eight degrees inside and the thermostat is set for sixty eight you know it well below zero. You know your feet are going to be cold. You know your going to be chasing your son around the house all day trying to put socks back on his feet because your cold. You know your going to have to drag out a space heater and put it in the bathroom before the girls wake up so when they wake up they don't have to sit on a cold toilet seat.  
It also means to me that I should always keep my camera close to me at all times. Because in all of this bleakness there is beauty. So much beauty.
As the wind whips all around us the kids ask how the little animals survive the cold. Where do they find food? How do they stay warm? Do they have babies in the winter? Where do the deer go? Why can't we see them? How come we have ducks in our river? Why didn't they fly south? Are they dumb ducks?
I want to know why I always forget how cold winter can be. Why is it when you have a mild winter you forget how harsh a cold one is? Why DID I move to Maine again?

In other news, Hospice called our house asking how I was doing a year and five months after my moms death. I wished I wouldn't have picked up the phone.
In many ways I'm much better. I don't cry everyday anymore. I'm able to say my moms name without crying. I do catch myself calling her and when the message comes on that this number is no longer inservice I am always momentarily surprised. 
I'm still not sure of what to do with myself. For four years my job was to worry about my mom. First being long distance and having to make sure she was cared for properly and then as things progressed having to fly to her on a moments notice. Sometimes with all the kids in towe. When we convinced her to seel her home and move to Maine I never dreamed that it cold get worse but it did and I was on autopilot. You do what you have to do.
But what do you do when its over?
Its been over a year and I still can't get it together. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loving Sundays

This past Sunday we didn't go to church. The dog got in the garbage overnight and we'll just say it didn't agree with him. We all just hung out Sunday morning cleaning up the house and getting ready for the big game. (and waiting for the dog to either poop or puke for the umpteenth time)
Since we again had some yuck weather it gave Z some extra time to clean up. We take all of the snow from our front and haul it out back and make big piles. Then the kids make sliding trails, forts and tunnels.
That way we can have fun without leaving our backyard. I really dislike leaving our house. You have no idea.
Then about three in the afternoon we heard Screaming Mimi. She didn't get that name for nothing. She was sliding and someone gave her an extra push and she went flying into the loader. She tried to brace for impact with her hand. It didn't work ot very well for her.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Brain Cramp

I haven't blogged in like FOREVER!  My brain hasn't been working. It will be working again soon. I have a new post I'm working on. (Which means I'm thinking about writing something) Everything is going along here in pukersville.