Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not much to report

So we went with Z yesterday and there really wasn't much to take pictures of. We were on main roads and everything looks the same. I do love water though. When its cold out and you look at it, it looks so beautiful and cold at the same time. You think how beautiful but Damn I don't want to fall off this bridge into it. (Then you punch your husband in the arm as he makes the truck swerve to freak you out)
I think its cool how Maine has little islands. When I was a child I always wanted to live on one. All alone. I probably would last a half a night all by myself but when I was little it sure sounded good. I would daydream about my little house and cooking my meals and sitting by a fire. ALL ALONE. I don't remember how I got my food or my house built but hey I was only ten.
If your from Maine than you've at least heard of Red's Eats. To be perfectly honest with you I have never eaten there.
People stand in line sometimes for hours to get a lobster roll and an ice cream cone. Not me. I don't wait for food. At least not more that twenty minutes. lol Also (I hope I don't get booted from Maine now) I don't like lobster rolls. They are disgusting. Lobsters, mayo shoved in a hot dog roll. EWWWW. I like my lobster soaking in a vat of butter thank you. And then I only like it once a year. If that.
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Mama Goose said...

Never eaten at Red's nor do I ever think I will..

Barking Mad! said...

I've never eaten at Red's either and it always amazes me whenever we drive north on the 1 how packed that place is in the late spring and all through the summer.

Also? This post has made me so homesick that I think I might cry!