Monday, March 28, 2011

enough with the changes

Because this morning has already been awful I'm posting this picture of us last year. The sand the sun and the family. Good things will come. They are right around the corner and I know I did the right thing today even though it was hard. Mimi got on the bus crying and Dane kept hitting himself. Mimi's teacher said she's okay now and Danes back to building forts. Things will be different for awhile but we'll get by. We always do.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Four Might be the Magic Number

Our little guy turned four recently and I think it just might be our magic number. In the past few weeks since he's turned four he has been doing things that previously he couldn't do. Or wouldn't do. He now is picking up his toys when I ask without throwing a fit. We've been able to establish a rule that lunch isn't served until everything we've drug out during the morning is put away. (This also includes me and I make a big show of putting stuff away as I go so at lunch time I don't have a mess) I've also assigned him a job. He now makes $1.00 per week if every morning he takes a garbage bag and collects all the garbage's in the house and brings me the bag of garbage. I have to stress the importance of bringing me the bag of garbage because if I don't he'll leave it on the stairs for me to trip on. Don't even ask why I know this. I think we all know why.
Also, last fall I decided Dane was going to learn his ABC's and be reading by Christmas. Somewhat. I didn't expect perfection but just able to read the little starter books. BWAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA He had no interest at all in the ABC's. No matter what I did. So I did the only thing a mom could do. I just shoved all my careful planning, papers, books and everything I'd down loaded off the Internet to the back of my desk and admitted defeat. I didn't even want to discuss my preschool failure. Then something wonderful happened about three weeks ago. I stumbled on a website called Oh my word. It teaches the ABC.s reading and other stuff. I showed it to Dane and he fell in love with it!!!!!!!! He now knows his letters through N and recognizeses others but isn't 100%. He begs me to let him go on the website at least three times a day. So we do. We try to learn two new letters a day then he can go back and play with what ever letter game he wants to. If he doesn't do well with a letter we just repeat the two letters the next day. Now when we go shopping or anywhere and he sees letters he tells me what they are or if he can't remember the letter he tells me the sound. There is nothing more exciting then when your child has an Ah-Ha moment and the light shines in their eyes. NOTHING
For some reason life around the house has been easier for the past few weeks also. I think its because (wait for it...) I gave up all my facecrack games! Now I actually have time to get stuff done. The funny thing is, I actually want to do mundane chores. Chores that I normally put off until I can't put off any longer. Z asked me why now? What changed now that hasn't been there for the past eighteen years? I don't have an answer for him. I just think its because Dane's four. He can keep himself busy and help out a bit. I no longer have to entertain him every second of the day. My baby, my last baby is growing up. I have to not dwell on this or I'll burst into tears.
I'm so excited for summer to come that I had to post some of last years pictures of the back yard. I dream of the days when we can picnic and run barefoot across the backyard.
Maybe this year I'll have time to clean up the riverbank and make the sitting area I've always wanted. After all I'll have the time. lol
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Three of Spring

Doesn't it look like I took this picture in black and white? My gosh spring can't come soon enough. Oh wait it's already here.
Along with snow, snow, snow and more snow!!! (The barn is in dire need of a paint job)
Even the wood gobbling monster is sick of snow. Or maybe we're sick of filling it.
I want to scream and shout because its snowing but it truly doesn't surprise me. After all it is Maine. I just think I was hoping for sunlight and warmth a tad bit too soon. I may have been a little premature shoveling the snow off the lawn. (lol Nell) Now Dane and I will have to go out again.

Last week starting Monday and the every two days hence someone in the family would have a forty eight hour virus. It was awful. Just when I thought we were all done being sick. Well Sunday there were only two of us that didn't get it. Me and Chrissy. I had a long talk with God and I told him I didn't have time to be sick. Seeing as this was Sunday didn't I deserve a break? After all, I cleaned barf and poo up all week. My house has never been cleaner or reeked so much of bleach. I tried to let God know how important it was that I didn't get sick today. It seemed liked my praying and begging worked. Sunday night I went to bed only feeling slightly queasy. Z and I had worked outside almost all day and accomplished quite a bit. (A winters worth of dog poop cleaned up and Christmas lights finally being taken down etc) I got up yesterday morning and decided Dane and I would go to work with Z. You know where this is going right? We get three hours from the house when it hits me. No warning, no nothing. Z has to rearrange his entire schedule so he can get me back home. By the time I got home it took me all I could do to crawl up the stairs to my bed. I was never so happy in my life to see my bed.
As I lay in bed last night wishing for death I had to slightly laugh. On Sunday I prayed, whined and demanded to God that I not get sick today. I firmly believe that my prayer was answered. I just wished I would have prayed that I didn't sick at all.....
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Hard to be a Grown Up

Remember when I said we had a crazy week? Crazy got even crazier. Imagine that.
Some of you know our dog Trapper. He's been a real challenge of an animal to own. He's food aggressive, he likes to chase cars and bite them. He's bit Dane and snapped at everyone in the house. I thought we could work it out of him. With enough love and attention he'll turn into the family dog we so wanted.
Boy was I wrong.
Last week I was rolling up a sleeping bag and I bumped a sleeping Trapper with my elbow. He bit me. Not only did he bite me but he wouldn't let go. I have to say I was very freaked out. I called Dave and sobbed into the phone for ten minutes before he could understand me. What? He said. The dog bit you? Don't ever do that again! I thought the way you were carrying on that one of the kids were dead. Maybe I did overreact. MAYBE
Still the results are the same. I called the vet and made an appointment to put the dog down. Unfortunately because Trapper drew blood, even though he he is up to date on his rabies, they can't put him down for ten days. Well there is a way: Do not read this unless you want to be sickened: We could take the dog to the vet and they could put him down then sever his head and give it to me to take to the lab in the capital city to have it examined for rabies. Yikes! So now I have to keep the dog for ten more days. The tenth day falls on a Friday so I have to wait until the following Monday.
So now I'm public enemy number 1 in our house. I've been singing "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat some worms.     But at least I won't get bit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This past week has been crazy. All of our weeks are crazy. Sometimes I think,"Is it me?" This truly has been one of those weeks.

My precious girl had big plans for today. She got green food colouring out last night and mixed it to dye part of her hair for today's festivities. She rummaged through a closet full of clothes to find her green sweat suit and a matching green shirt. She even took a pair of old shoe laces and coloured them green with marker. She showered, washed her hair and dried it so the dye would take then she took herself off to bed mumbling about what a great day tomorrow will be. Not only was it St. Patrick's Day but Thursday's are band and P.E. and in P.E. they were going to be playing SURVIVOR. She was one happy camper and so was I. Little did I know that in a matter of hours she was going to be hanging over the side of the crapper puking her little guts out. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

This morning the poor little thing looked so washed out and tired that I couldn't stand it. I said to her,"Can't you just try and go to sleep?" her response was,"My nose is really stuffy so I can't sleep." "Why can't you?" I asked. She replied with a very stoic face,"I'm afraid if I fall asleep I won't breathe and I'll die."

That is what happens when kids watch someone go through an illness and die first hand. It makes them aware of what could happen, it makes them paranoid, it makes them worry. For the rest of my life I am going to wonder if I did the wrong thing exposing them to illness and death at such young ages. (It also makes them kinder, more compassionate and caring for other people. But today isn't one of those days.)

We have had good things happen this week. Chrissy is maintaining five A's (yup 5) and one B. Hopefully she can hold on another three weeks until ranks close. If she does it will be the first time she's made honor roll at public school. We had parent teacher conferences last week and all of her teachers had wonderful things to say about her. I'm so proud of my girls:) If I could just get them to practice their instruments without me screaming at them we'd be golden.

In honor of St. Patty's Day (we didn't cook corned beef and cabbage) Z and I made a run to town and got the kids Shamrock shakes. They were pretty melted by the time we got them home but little man and Chrissy didn't mind and Mimi didn't drink hers she just held it to her forehead. What ever works I always say........I'm off to slurp some Baily's and pray that the night is quiet.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dane strikes again.

We've spent alot of time in the house the past few weeks. Being sick with one adult running the show is hard but when two are down it's like going to hell in a hand basket.
No matter how sick Dane would get he still had more energy than I do when I feel great. This mess in the hall shows you his creative side. I was laying on the couch wishing I had my mommy and Dane was in the hall putting all of his super hero costumes together. I think they stayed like this for a week before I got around to picking them up. Then I probably only picked them up because Z asked me if I was ever going to clean the house again. I had my doubts.
Now totally off the subject: I still haven't finished my darn stairs. They need to be painted again and I just can't find the time because we have to stay off of them. I'm thinking that in a few weeks I'll be able to slap another coat on them right after the girls leave for school and then we'll just have to use the scary stairs for the night.

Now back to the previous subject: We are finally getting rid of the yucks. My house got totally trashed while sick and someone did a drop in. I could have cared less but when I was talking to them on the phone a day later they made a snarky comment about my laundry pile and the mud on the kitchen floor. At first I was horrified. I really was. Then, not so much. It took me five days of doing laundry none stop to finish it all. It was ugly. The kitchen floor.......We walk into the kitchen from the outside, its always a mess. I wash it once a week and spot mop the rest of the time. BUT I WAS SICK!!!! I don't care how much dog hair and cat hair was stuck to the clumps of mud. It didn't get done for two weeks. Z and I had a good laugh about it but if you walk into my house today the kitchen floor is clean and the laundry is done. I'm glad she didn't use the bathroom while she popped in. She would have run for her life.

I've never been an anal housekeeper. Mostly due to the fact that my mother was. We used to joke as kids that you could make soup in her toilets. EWWWWWW!!!!!! I let the kids ride their trikes in the house in the winter. I'm the exact opposite. Also when we home schooled I had to learn to leave things out. If we were working on a three part project in the dining room it would stay there until it was finished. And books, oh my word do we have books. Everywhere. On shelves, in piles, shoved in closets. You never know when your going to need a book on How to Skin a Frog Correctly. But I have one if I need it.

I better get back to the house. Its dinner time and I don't know what I'm making. Well I do, it's called there are three different food groups rotting in the fridge and I'm going to make dinner with it......Over and Out........M
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