Thursday, March 17, 2011


This past week has been crazy. All of our weeks are crazy. Sometimes I think,"Is it me?" This truly has been one of those weeks.

My precious girl had big plans for today. She got green food colouring out last night and mixed it to dye part of her hair for today's festivities. She rummaged through a closet full of clothes to find her green sweat suit and a matching green shirt. She even took a pair of old shoe laces and coloured them green with marker. She showered, washed her hair and dried it so the dye would take then she took herself off to bed mumbling about what a great day tomorrow will be. Not only was it St. Patrick's Day but Thursday's are band and P.E. and in P.E. they were going to be playing SURVIVOR. She was one happy camper and so was I. Little did I know that in a matter of hours she was going to be hanging over the side of the crapper puking her little guts out. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

This morning the poor little thing looked so washed out and tired that I couldn't stand it. I said to her,"Can't you just try and go to sleep?" her response was,"My nose is really stuffy so I can't sleep." "Why can't you?" I asked. She replied with a very stoic face,"I'm afraid if I fall asleep I won't breathe and I'll die."

That is what happens when kids watch someone go through an illness and die first hand. It makes them aware of what could happen, it makes them paranoid, it makes them worry. For the rest of my life I am going to wonder if I did the wrong thing exposing them to illness and death at such young ages. (It also makes them kinder, more compassionate and caring for other people. But today isn't one of those days.)

We have had good things happen this week. Chrissy is maintaining five A's (yup 5) and one B. Hopefully she can hold on another three weeks until ranks close. If she does it will be the first time she's made honor roll at public school. We had parent teacher conferences last week and all of her teachers had wonderful things to say about her. I'm so proud of my girls:) If I could just get them to practice their instruments without me screaming at them we'd be golden.

In honor of St. Patty's Day (we didn't cook corned beef and cabbage) Z and I made a run to town and got the kids Shamrock shakes. They were pretty melted by the time we got them home but little man and Chrissy didn't mind and Mimi didn't drink hers she just held it to her forehead. What ever works I always say........I'm off to slurp some Baily's and pray that the night is quiet.
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Mama Goose said...

Poor Mimi!! Yay Chrissy!! You're such an awesome Mom.

FishermansDaughter said...

Best. Mom. EVAR. Hope you enjoyed the Baileys and the night was quiet.