Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dane strikes again.

We've spent alot of time in the house the past few weeks. Being sick with one adult running the show is hard but when two are down it's like going to hell in a hand basket.
No matter how sick Dane would get he still had more energy than I do when I feel great. This mess in the hall shows you his creative side. I was laying on the couch wishing I had my mommy and Dane was in the hall putting all of his super hero costumes together. I think they stayed like this for a week before I got around to picking them up. Then I probably only picked them up because Z asked me if I was ever going to clean the house again. I had my doubts.
Now totally off the subject: I still haven't finished my darn stairs. They need to be painted again and I just can't find the time because we have to stay off of them. I'm thinking that in a few weeks I'll be able to slap another coat on them right after the girls leave for school and then we'll just have to use the scary stairs for the night.

Now back to the previous subject: We are finally getting rid of the yucks. My house got totally trashed while sick and someone did a drop in. I could have cared less but when I was talking to them on the phone a day later they made a snarky comment about my laundry pile and the mud on the kitchen floor. At first I was horrified. I really was. Then, not so much. It took me five days of doing laundry none stop to finish it all. It was ugly. The kitchen floor.......We walk into the kitchen from the outside, its always a mess. I wash it once a week and spot mop the rest of the time. BUT I WAS SICK!!!! I don't care how much dog hair and cat hair was stuck to the clumps of mud. It didn't get done for two weeks. Z and I had a good laugh about it but if you walk into my house today the kitchen floor is clean and the laundry is done. I'm glad she didn't use the bathroom while she popped in. She would have run for her life.

I've never been an anal housekeeper. Mostly due to the fact that my mother was. We used to joke as kids that you could make soup in her toilets. EWWWWWW!!!!!! I let the kids ride their trikes in the house in the winter. I'm the exact opposite. Also when we home schooled I had to learn to leave things out. If we were working on a three part project in the dining room it would stay there until it was finished. And books, oh my word do we have books. Everywhere. On shelves, in piles, shoved in closets. You never know when your going to need a book on How to Skin a Frog Correctly. But I have one if I need it.

I better get back to the house. Its dinner time and I don't know what I'm making. Well I do, it's called there are three different food groups rotting in the fridge and I'm going to make dinner with it......Over and Out........M
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Mama Goose said...

I've never been a fan of the drop in. I think it's kind of rude personally. And if you're going to do it, you damn well better not comment about the state of my house. Sorry, but the line between "guest" and asshole" should be pretty wide.

Glad you're feeling better!!

carsick said...

LOL MG! I ususlly don't mind drop ins. I'm pretty shameless about messes. I make so many of them. I don't judge anyone if their house is messy. I don't know why it bothered me that they cared except that the house really was trashed....More than my usual pigishness.
We are feeling better:)
I have daffodils!!!!!!!

FishermansDaughter said...

My house looks way worse than that daily, minus toddlers or life sucking illness. Hates! the drop-in. Everyone knows, don't. Seriously.
You deserve way bettah than daffodils. So glad ya'll are on the mend. OX

My word is



FishermansDaughter said...

Forgot to mention - the stairs are the picture of awesomeness!