Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Three of Spring

Doesn't it look like I took this picture in black and white? My gosh spring can't come soon enough. Oh wait it's already here.
Along with snow, snow, snow and more snow!!! (The barn is in dire need of a paint job)
Even the wood gobbling monster is sick of snow. Or maybe we're sick of filling it.
I want to scream and shout because its snowing but it truly doesn't surprise me. After all it is Maine. I just think I was hoping for sunlight and warmth a tad bit too soon. I may have been a little premature shoveling the snow off the lawn. (lol Nell) Now Dane and I will have to go out again.

Last week starting Monday and the every two days hence someone in the family would have a forty eight hour virus. It was awful. Just when I thought we were all done being sick. Well Sunday there were only two of us that didn't get it. Me and Chrissy. I had a long talk with God and I told him I didn't have time to be sick. Seeing as this was Sunday didn't I deserve a break? After all, I cleaned barf and poo up all week. My house has never been cleaner or reeked so much of bleach. I tried to let God know how important it was that I didn't get sick today. It seemed liked my praying and begging worked. Sunday night I went to bed only feeling slightly queasy. Z and I had worked outside almost all day and accomplished quite a bit. (A winters worth of dog poop cleaned up and Christmas lights finally being taken down etc) I got up yesterday morning and decided Dane and I would go to work with Z. You know where this is going right? We get three hours from the house when it hits me. No warning, no nothing. Z has to rearrange his entire schedule so he can get me back home. By the time I got home it took me all I could do to crawl up the stairs to my bed. I was never so happy in my life to see my bed.
As I lay in bed last night wishing for death I had to slightly laugh. On Sunday I prayed, whined and demanded to God that I not get sick today. I firmly believe that my prayer was answered. I just wished I would have prayed that I didn't sick at all.....
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FishermansDaughter said...

Oh honey - SO SO sorry. Sick sucks. Here, have some flat ginger ale and saltines.

My word is



Mama Goose said...

SO glad you're all finally feeling better...

Now where are you going that requires a passport???

Git back to shoveling the lawn! LOL


Barking Mad! said...

Glad you're finally feeling better. And hey, so what if spring hasn't shown up yet...why? Because I'm baaaaaaaaack and commenting again!


Audrey at Barking Mad

P.S. if it's all the same, I still really want to kick old man winter in the junk and tell him to get the heck outta dodge!