Friday, March 25, 2011

Four Might be the Magic Number

Our little guy turned four recently and I think it just might be our magic number. In the past few weeks since he's turned four he has been doing things that previously he couldn't do. Or wouldn't do. He now is picking up his toys when I ask without throwing a fit. We've been able to establish a rule that lunch isn't served until everything we've drug out during the morning is put away. (This also includes me and I make a big show of putting stuff away as I go so at lunch time I don't have a mess) I've also assigned him a job. He now makes $1.00 per week if every morning he takes a garbage bag and collects all the garbage's in the house and brings me the bag of garbage. I have to stress the importance of bringing me the bag of garbage because if I don't he'll leave it on the stairs for me to trip on. Don't even ask why I know this. I think we all know why.
Also, last fall I decided Dane was going to learn his ABC's and be reading by Christmas. Somewhat. I didn't expect perfection but just able to read the little starter books. BWAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA He had no interest at all in the ABC's. No matter what I did. So I did the only thing a mom could do. I just shoved all my careful planning, papers, books and everything I'd down loaded off the Internet to the back of my desk and admitted defeat. I didn't even want to discuss my preschool failure. Then something wonderful happened about three weeks ago. I stumbled on a website called Oh my word. It teaches the ABC.s reading and other stuff. I showed it to Dane and he fell in love with it!!!!!!!! He now knows his letters through N and recognizeses others but isn't 100%. He begs me to let him go on the website at least three times a day. So we do. We try to learn two new letters a day then he can go back and play with what ever letter game he wants to. If he doesn't do well with a letter we just repeat the two letters the next day. Now when we go shopping or anywhere and he sees letters he tells me what they are or if he can't remember the letter he tells me the sound. There is nothing more exciting then when your child has an Ah-Ha moment and the light shines in their eyes. NOTHING
For some reason life around the house has been easier for the past few weeks also. I think its because (wait for it...) I gave up all my facecrack games! Now I actually have time to get stuff done. The funny thing is, I actually want to do mundane chores. Chores that I normally put off until I can't put off any longer. Z asked me why now? What changed now that hasn't been there for the past eighteen years? I don't have an answer for him. I just think its because Dane's four. He can keep himself busy and help out a bit. I no longer have to entertain him every second of the day. My baby, my last baby is growing up. I have to not dwell on this or I'll burst into tears.
I'm so excited for summer to come that I had to post some of last years pictures of the back yard. I dream of the days when we can picnic and run barefoot across the backyard.
Maybe this year I'll have time to clean up the riverbank and make the sitting area I've always wanted. After all I'll have the time. lol
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FishermansDaughter said...

Gorgeous pics - can't wait for spring - it's happening - a little more every day! Couldn't believe how much I got done once I started limiting my time on the computer too. AMAZEBAWLZ! I don't have a 4 year old, no excuses, it's all me. Less and less lately though. Something in the stars?

KimberlyDi said...

It was the hardest thing to do to give up my Facecrack games. I was a Kingdom of Camelot ADDICT. Still miss those peoples. HEY FD! You got blocked at my WORK! Damn them.

Big hugs for everything, including the dog thing. And congrats on the Alphabet!