Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Hard to be a Grown Up

Remember when I said we had a crazy week? Crazy got even crazier. Imagine that.
Some of you know our dog Trapper. He's been a real challenge of an animal to own. He's food aggressive, he likes to chase cars and bite them. He's bit Dane and snapped at everyone in the house. I thought we could work it out of him. With enough love and attention he'll turn into the family dog we so wanted.
Boy was I wrong.
Last week I was rolling up a sleeping bag and I bumped a sleeping Trapper with my elbow. He bit me. Not only did he bite me but he wouldn't let go. I have to say I was very freaked out. I called Dave and sobbed into the phone for ten minutes before he could understand me. What? He said. The dog bit you? Don't ever do that again! I thought the way you were carrying on that one of the kids were dead. Maybe I did overreact. MAYBE
Still the results are the same. I called the vet and made an appointment to put the dog down. Unfortunately because Trapper drew blood, even though he he is up to date on his rabies, they can't put him down for ten days. Well there is a way: Do not read this unless you want to be sickened: We could take the dog to the vet and they could put him down then sever his head and give it to me to take to the lab in the capital city to have it examined for rabies. Yikes! So now I have to keep the dog for ten more days. The tenth day falls on a Friday so I have to wait until the following Monday.
So now I'm public enemy number 1 in our house. I've been singing "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat some worms.     But at least I won't get bit.


FishermansDaughter said...

Blogger is being a !@#! for some reason - just had a long comment that got rejected. SO sorry this happened - a bit (see whut I did dere lol!) of advice/consolation from a lifetime dog owner former shelter worker - dogs that bite need to be put to sleep - especially if there are kiddos involved - end of story. So many people wait until a family member is more seriously hurt (are you ok? did you get checked out? I'm worried about you!)When I worked in the shelter I saw gazillions of deserving, docile dogs just aching and waiting for a loving home like yours. Your dog is out there waiting for you. You're doing the right thing and I am SO frickin proud of you for having the courage. OXOX

carsick said...

Fd- I'm fine really. It wasn't a really bad bite as far as bites go. He got two of my fingers towards the top. I didn't need stitches or anything and dumped HP on them. (Right after though I accidently spilled bleach on them and boy did that smart)
I think we'll wait awhile before we get another dog. I'm heartbroken having to do the right thing with Trapper. I think of how wonderful he is when we go camping and how he gaurds the door and lets Dane crawl all over him. I know in my heart its just a matter of time until he loses it and bites someone and really does damage. Then where would I be. I had a dog that I know could bite and I didn't do anything about it. SIgh
At least the day is beautiful:)