Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding of the year

The girls and I got up at 4am. I still can't believe that the girls actually got up. I didn't think they shared the same extreme excitement for watching the wedding as I did.
Only instead of tea and scones we had fresh squeezed orange juice, banana muffins and coffee. Some great girl time and I bet my girls will dream of princes and weddings tonight!
 Chrissy had to cut it short to catch the school bus at 6:15. Mimi and I watched it til the end. We loved Kate's wedding dress. We loved the way Prince Harry looked back as Kate was walking down the aisle then started to whisper to his brother. We can only imagine what he said. We also decided (well, I did) that Prince William needs to contact hair plugs for men. Other than that we just loved everything. Even the funky hats. Wouldn't it be grand to have someplace to go that you would wear a hat to? I wear blue jeans to Church. Oh I also loved the fact that she wasn't wearing fake fingernails!

And this lovely lady........You could dress her in a burlap bag and she still would look like a million bucks. The children did a fantastic job. What awesome stories they will have to tell their children.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traveling with Z

Yesterday was Z's birthday. I can't tell you how old he turned because that would mean I would have to face the fact that later this year I'll be that age also. I just don't want to think about that.

Dane and I were going to stay home and bake his cake and make him a wonderful chicken dinner. Instead we hopped in the truck and went to work with him. He had to go all the way out to Norway. Normally I would be very scared of this ride. The hills and turns are enough to make this girl puke for days. But seven (or so) months ago Z bought a truck and when I'm in this truck I don't feel so sick. I don't know if its because I'm sitting up high or what. I don't even care as long as I don't lose my lunch.

I also found something out yesterday. My husband told me he really likes it when we ride along with him. When I'm not puking of course.

On the ride home I stopped for an ice coffee. I said I'd drive so maybe the Z man could catch a few Z's. After all I wasn't home to cook dinner and now we had to go to eat. (I really didn't plan that) Funny thing though, the more I slurped down my coffee the more I chatted. The more I chatted the more I pointed out things. Like how lovely the clouds were as I swerved in the road. The trees were started to get green on them and I may have been paying too much attention to that and drove a little bit off the road. I don't know why it made him make me pull over and stop.

He then took control of the wheel and I still proceeded to talk his ear off the rest of the ride home.
I hope you had an AWESOME birthday Z. I love you very much.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Last week was our spring break. We had had snow, hail and rain. Oh and wind. Let us not forget the wind. By Sunday, that would be the first Sunday directly after school got out, my hair was standing up like Dane's because the girls were driving me INSANE. I begged my husband to either let me go away from them for the week or let them go for the week. He ended up taking one kid with him to work everyday. It helped. I don't know why the girls are fighting so much. Too much time on their hands or something.

Little man got a new bike! He no longer has to ride a purple Dora bike with broken wheels. He is one happy camper. He's been riding it a lot inside the house. The walls have tire marks on them. I hope it warms up soon and we can ride outside.

We had to get up really early Sunday so we could make the first service at church. Not everyone was happy about having to get up early the last day of vacation. Once they were all up and fed they came around. Easter is my favorite holiday. This year though I had a rough time getting through it. We've had a hard month and had to make HUGE changes here at home. I don't do well with change. I balk and whine at every turn. But making changes I am. One small step at a time.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is it?

Mom! Make it stop! What is it that is so bright? I can't see. Why Dane, I know you must remember the sun!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Post

Say in your best British accent:   Oh My God!                                                             That's my week.

I've had a post that I didn't finish.......What a surprise.......That I hope to soon. I was ready to post it and more DRAMA came into our lives.

This week I have learned and wondered why on different things.
1: No one has a perfect life. (something I again learned)
2. No matter how old your children are when someone (even a friend of twenty years) makes them cry you will severe a friendship and cut them down. That fast. (learned and wondered why)
3. I really can't stand when people refuse to take responcability for their actions and let the WORLD know that instead of doing the right thing they cry GOD PLEASE HELP ME BE A BETTER PERSON Because I'm SUCH A SINNER. (On FaceBook) Hello! I believe God wants you to correct your mistakes and make them right. Not just pray. (the God thing with me... Try to live good all week, why would you make the same mistakes over and over and claim God needs to work on me more? How about standing on your feet. But I digress...
4. Smoking pot?! Come on if you can't pay your bills and you keep your heat at 45 degrees you shouldn't be buying pot. (a why moment)
5. The pot thing again......WHY?  Please someone tell me WHY?
6. Last week I was crying to Z about how unfair our life was.People all around us are doing okay. It seems like something always stops us from having that golden egg.   (Why because I'm sooo mature)

Then after this weekend we find out that family members are losing their homes. (thats right more than one) We find find out friends have severe drinking problems which led to abuse. We find out that someone else smokes pot daily to escape their lives.

But most importantly I find out that I don't have it so bad. As a matter of fact I have it pretty darn good.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stuff to say

Oh Boy I have a lot to say but no time now. Company is coming and I'm a wreck. Last minute company that is coming but your not sure when because they keep stopping really sucks. Do I hold back dinner? Do we eat without them? AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!