Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Post

Say in your best British accent:   Oh My God!                                                             That's my week.

I've had a post that I didn't finish.......What a surprise.......That I hope to soon. I was ready to post it and more DRAMA came into our lives.

This week I have learned and wondered why on different things.
1: No one has a perfect life. (something I again learned)
2. No matter how old your children are when someone (even a friend of twenty years) makes them cry you will severe a friendship and cut them down. That fast. (learned and wondered why)
3. I really can't stand when people refuse to take responcability for their actions and let the WORLD know that instead of doing the right thing they cry GOD PLEASE HELP ME BE A BETTER PERSON Because I'm SUCH A SINNER. (On FaceBook) Hello! I believe God wants you to correct your mistakes and make them right. Not just pray. (the God thing with me... Try to live good all week, why would you make the same mistakes over and over and claim God needs to work on me more? How about standing on your feet. But I digress...
4. Smoking pot?! Come on if you can't pay your bills and you keep your heat at 45 degrees you shouldn't be buying pot. (a why moment)
5. The pot thing again......WHY?  Please someone tell me WHY?
6. Last week I was crying to Z about how unfair our life was.People all around us are doing okay. It seems like something always stops us from having that golden egg.   (Why because I'm sooo mature)

Then after this weekend we find out that family members are losing their homes. (thats right more than one) We find find out friends have severe drinking problems which led to abuse. We find out that someone else smokes pot daily to escape their lives.

But most importantly I find out that I don't have it so bad. As a matter of fact I have it pretty darn good.


Mama Goose said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with all this drama...

FishermansDaughter said...

1. People suck
2. A lot
3. Usually
4. Some suck less
5. Hang out with and keep the non suckers around

For what it's worth, I don't get the pot thing either - but whoa be to anyone who attempts to abscond my vodka they shall draw back a bloody stump! Tomato Tomaaahto

Things will get bettah. You're a rock star. OX