Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding of the year

The girls and I got up at 4am. I still can't believe that the girls actually got up. I didn't think they shared the same extreme excitement for watching the wedding as I did.
Only instead of tea and scones we had fresh squeezed orange juice, banana muffins and coffee. Some great girl time and I bet my girls will dream of princes and weddings tonight!
 Chrissy had to cut it short to catch the school bus at 6:15. Mimi and I watched it til the end. We loved Kate's wedding dress. We loved the way Prince Harry looked back as Kate was walking down the aisle then started to whisper to his brother. We can only imagine what he said. We also decided (well, I did) that Prince William needs to contact hair plugs for men. Other than that we just loved everything. Even the funky hats. Wouldn't it be grand to have someplace to go that you would wear a hat to? I wear blue jeans to Church. Oh I also loved the fact that she wasn't wearing fake fingernails!

And this lovely lady........You could dress her in a burlap bag and she still would look like a million bucks. The children did a fantastic job. What awesome stories they will have to tell their children.


FishermansDaughter said...

Was in high school and watched His mum get married - got up @ 4am too! Couldn't do it for him - couldn't care. I agree about the dresses and hats though - really something! Sweet that you and the girls got up and what a great memory. XO

Mama Goose said...

What a nice time for the three of you!