Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Boys Need Toys

A while back Z came home and told me he stopped into the motorcycle place and was looking at bikes. He used to have one but we rarely went out on it because the girls were small and life was busy. So he sold it. I think he has missed having one ever since.
I'm not a bike person per-say but I do like the wind whipping through my hair and the smell of the country side as I'm clinging on for life. Z likes to ride but its not his life. He doesn't want to take big trips or anything. He's perfectly content with just zooming to town and back.
So a little more than a week ago the kids and I were riding "shotgun" with Z while he worked. He had some extra time to kill and we were by the motorcycle shop so we stopped in. They sell new and used bikes. This Triumph was sitting next to the one Z had been looking at. It's the same model just last years. I fell in love with it instantly. I know Z liked it too but he didn't want to say so. I kept telling him he should purchase it and he wouldn't. The place was really busy and the salesman hadn't been over to talk to us yet and Z told me we had to leave. I told him to go ahead that I wanted to talk to the sales-vulture and ask him some questions. With some persuasion Z left me there. 
When Z came back to get me I had bought the bike for him. Well not really, I filled out all the paperwork and since I don't work he bought the bike for him. But he wouldn't have done it on his own so I had to give him a little push. I'm so glad I did. I knew we'd love riding it.
What we didn't know was how much the girls were going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike. Everyday Chrissy and Mimi get up and if it's not raining they they start hounding daddy to drive them to school or pick them up from school on it. I think they now like the bike more than the pick up. 
We are now officially rednecks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Showing me Some Love

This past weekend Z and I went away. We don't get away too often and we were in desperate need of a kid free twenty four hours. When we went into our room this was the first thing I saw.

And you can see the first thing that I did.

I really liked the bathroom. No tub just a large shower. I took the picture so you could see the built in shelf that held the towels. Not just one towel for each of us but two big towels for each of us and extra hand towels and washcloths. For some reason that was very important to me.

This bed, ahhhhh, was very sleepable. I normally don't like white bedding but this bed made me rethink that. Of course in my house it wouldn't be white for very long.
We had a great time walking around the downtown area and ate at some neat places. It really was just what we needed to recharge. We decided that we should try to get away at least every other month for the night.
Of course then we came home and the kids were screaming at each other and not one of them liked what we picked up for them and we wondered if it was worth the twenty four hours. We decided not so we had better stay away at least forty eight next time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where did Thor go?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Date Night

Thor the Thunder GodTHOR

Last weekend Z and I had a date night. Weren't the kids upset to know that we were going out and they couldn't come. It was enough to make me almost feel guilty.

We decided to see a late show and in the spirit of super hero's we decided to see Thor. Ha ha there wasn't any deciding. I wanted to see Thor.

We went to dinner and the service was so good we were in and out in forty five minutes. Now that never happens. Had we been trying to catch the early movie I know they would have lolly-gagged.
So Z and I walked around town and we walked across another scary bridge. Only this time I didn't have camera to document it. I think this summer we'll take the kids over and them go across it. I still don't know if I'll let Dane go across it or not. 
Speaking of Dane.... I left my Ebay account signed in because I was bidding on something and when I went to make dinner I closed the page but didn't log out. This morning I found that sometime while I was making dinner Dane got on and bought himself two NOT ONE but two Power Ranger costumes!!! I could just smack him. This will teach me me to log out. Hopefully I will be able to cancel the transactions. If not I will be stuck buying them. I still don't know exactly how he did it. Though it is kinda funny. Z laughed until he saw that each suit was 16.99 and 10.00 shipping.

Anyway back to my dated night. We saw the movie Thor and it was awesome. We had a great time walking around the town we were in, just strolling along talking about whatever came to mind. It was sad in a way. Traffic was high but there wasn't anyone downtown. The restaurants were empty store fronts empty. It was Friday night 7:00 and the only store open was a smoke shop. It made us miss Delray Beach. Where you could always go and have something to do. 

Z and I have another date coming up. Only this time Kadie is coming to stay with the kids and we're going away overnight. I'm so excited. Even though its supposed to rain all weekend I'm sure we'll find something to do. (WINK WINK)    

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Madness

I know as a mom I'm supposed to love Mother's Day. And I do. (It's my blog and I can use And to begin my sentence AND if you don't like it that's too bad)
I love everything that comes woith being a mom. Except being pregnant. That I didn't like. Oh, and mouthy kids. I don't like that either. Or sick kids. So I guess there are a few dislikes but if you put it all together it is so worth it.
We had a very busy weekend. Mim's school had a dance and I'm on the PTO. ACK! Why do I do these things to myself. Friday we had to start to set up for it. Saturday we had to haul butt and finish. I never knew what went into making balloon arches. Especially ones that spanned the length of both sides of the gym. My fingers still haven't recovered. It even hurts to type. What an awesome group of ladies to work with. No-one slacked and everyone laughed and made it a very nice evening for all the kiddos and their families.
Even Dane had a grand time. He got to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe and to Poker Face. The best part of his night though is that I was working and he got to run amok. Which he did. His sisters were constantly running around trying to find him. At one point I would hide Dane under the table and watch the girls go nuts looking for him but try to look like nothing was wrong so they wouldn't attract my attention and realise that they lost Dane. It was almost mean.
I had hoped no, prayed that Dane would sleep in this morning until seven. No such luck. He was up at six. I was already up so it didn't really matter I just wanted a little quiet time to get Sunday ready for Sunday. I made Knock You Naked Brownies. I got the recipe from PW's website. They are east to make and very good. VERY rich. I probably won't make them again unless company is coming. I also threw a pork shoulder in the crock pot. Again I used PW's recipe. It was made with Dr. Pepper and chipolata peppers in Adobes sauce. That will become a staple in this house. It was awesome but it has a kick. (My spelling is awful and spell check is worse) After that was cooking I made a huge batch of pancakes. We haven't had them in awhile so it was a treat.

After Church Kadie came over and we hung out all afternoon. We went to the track so Chrissy could show Kadie her racewalk (thats another story to come) and then we hung out and ate. 
Dane fell asleep at six and I wished I could go to bed with him. I'm on my way soon. Very very soon.

I want to wish every a Happy Mother's Day and to all my friends that have lost their moms I give a huge cyber hug to. It's hard to celebrate Mother's Day when your mom is gone. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Like Roosters

I have a thing for chickens and Roosters.

It all started when my sister told me,"Every kitchen needs a good cock."

You could say the rest is history.

The only room that doesn't have a Rooster in it is our bedroom. Z said one was enough.
I hope everyone has a good chuckle and a nice day. Its rainy here again but I'm going to make the best of it!
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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ruined Sunday and Preteen Madness

Sometimes I wonder if I have Mad Cow Disease.
 I mean I know I am the adult and they are the kids and I'm supposed to let what-ever they say just roll off my shoulders. Not to say that they should act like brats and get away with it. What I'm not supposed to do is flip out. And yesterday, flip out, is what I did.
For some reason (bwaaahaaahaahaa) my girls have been fighting like CRAZY lately. The go to bed arguing and get up arguing. All Z and I hear is,"Stop mocking me" "Don't look at me" "I saw you roll your eyes" and my favorite, 'I wish they would give you to another family, one that hates you.' The list goes on. Normally I can semi handle all of the bickering but I couldn't yesterday.

So let me back up and fill you in on how I became a Mad Cow on Sunday morning. Friday night Chrissy had track then had to be brought to the Church for an event by 6pm. It was an overnight thing and she didn't pack any of her stuff until the last minute. Then it was a huge rush. Saturday morning I had to get up early to get her siblings ready and go and get her at the church at 8am. From there I had to get her to the Jr. High to catch a bus to the track meet. The other children and I went back to the town we just left and waited for the meet to begin. We were there in the biting wind for six hours.( I don't know wether my face is sunburned or wind burned.) Then we had to take her back to the church and drop her off and rush back home. Once we got home we had to hurry, hurry, hurry to clean ourselves up, make 4 loaves of garlic bread and one extra large salad and pile into the truck and race back to the church to serve 45 teens food because they hadn't eaten for thiry hours. (They were doing a 30 hour famine) Help clean up, pile back in the truck and head home. Yes Chrissy was very tired. We all were. We got home and got everyone bathed and put to bed. Once the girls were in bed we could hear them bickering. I would have thought that Chrissy would have been too tired to bicker but she wasn't.
So Sunday morning rolled around. Sunday is my favorite day. Get up,go to church, do a little shopping and a lot of laying around with the family. Z and I look forward to it. Then it happened. Chrissy wouldn't get up. When I finally got her up she was pissy. VERY MUCH SO. She wanted to go to church but she wanted it on her terms and to make everyone around her miserable. Which she was doin a great job of. (From here it gets ugly) I repeatedly told her to mind her own business and be quiet. She would not and was talking back with everything anyone said. At one point I said to her,"For every action there's a reaction and you are crossing the line now stop it!" To which she screamed,"I don't care!" then she proceeded to mock me. I then flipped out and grabbed her. I'm not sure what exactly happened after that. I believe its because it was so ugly my mind has blotted it out. It ended up with her in her room and me sitting on the steps crying. I felt just awful on one hand. On the other hand, she knows the difference between right and wrong.
I packed the other kids up and left Z home with Chrissy and started to head to church. My hands were shaking, my head was pounding and my mind was racing. I didn't make it to church. I pulled over at the park and let the kids run around for a few minutes to try and collect myself. I glanced at myself in the mirror and hated what I saw. It wasn't the puffy eyes, the red nose or the blotchy skin that bothered me. It was the person who flipped out. The person who flipped out like her mother used to. The person I said I would never turn into. And it really scared me.
I never did make it to church because I couldn't bring myself to go looking like I did but we did go to Walmart to get some groceries. On the way home I wondered about that. Why wouldn't I go to church? Isn't that where I should have gone? Why did I go to Walmart? I was embarressed to be at Church but not Walmart. That can't be good.